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Punch Champion Reviews [view details]

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A good smoke. It's tatsy, has a decent burn, well made and looks great! I'd love to see how they're made.
Bob in Texas January 16, 2013
"Great Cigar"
Exceptional cigar, especially considering the price. Ash held on for 3/4 of the cigar. Very well constructed, burns well, tastes great. This stick reminds you what smoking cigars is all about. I will be buying a box as soon as I can make some room in my humidor!
goblu in wisconsin March 17, 2012
"Great Smoke"
I love all the punch rare corojo sticks, especially the perfecto shapes. Perhaps the best cigars that general cigars make. Very nice medium flavor, smooth and tasty.
Ethan in Dallas, TX October 18, 2011
This is a good cigar, no doubt. But I find that after a while of smoking them the taste becomes less and less complex and more one dimensional. More like a mouthful of powerful smoke.
Jack in san antonio July 20, 2010
"All-time favorite, go-to cigar..."
I reintroduced myself to the cigar world last year, after a lengthy hiatus - for various (financial) reasons. I started myself off with a fresh slate, forgetting all past loyalties, and started taking recommendations from friends, family, and the bible (Cigar Aficionado). My local tobacconist recommended some Punch brand cigars, but never mentioned the "Champion," until one day I noticed it cleverly tucked away on a lower shelf and asked about its odd shape. He smiled and said that it was his favorite of the entire Punch line, which spoke volumes to me, considering his expertise. I have tried volumes of cigars since that day, and have found that I can always go back to the Punch Champion, for its slight chocolate flavor and pleasant woodiness. I have NEVER had one burn unevenly and have always enjoyed their consistent, well-rounded smoke.
Chris M. in Ohio April 7, 2010
"punch is very good but champion is great"
I smoke a lot of punch. Out of the 5 to 6 cigars a day that I consume 3 of them on average are punch of some vitola. Punch punch, elites, and rothschilds. And of couse champions. I really like punch. To let you know where I'm coming from the times I don't smoke punch are the mornings and last stogie of the day. Then its RP '99 / oliva connecticut or LFD double / 601 green respectively. But back to the matter at hand. Punch champions are the best bang for the buck on the face of the cigar world. If you have ever smoked a punch and liked it you need to smoke a champion. Best of both worlds. Big ring gage flavor like a magnum , comfortable mouth feel like an elite. And yet somehow better than either of those. As I said I smoke a lot of punch, these are the only ones I burn my fingers on. Delicious. Reason I don't smoke this vitola from punch exclusively is they only come in EMS.
codemonkey in peoples republic of california January 10, 2010
Very smooth cigar for a full body. No bitter pepper after taste. Smokes smooth with lots of smoke on the draw. Recommend for those ready to step up to a REAL cigar.
Phil in MS December 12, 2009
D. PRUSAKOWSKI in PHOENIX, AZ. July 28, 2009
"Stand up little rocket"
This cigar is a sweet little number, self-contained and good with cognac. Like a good movie that is not too heavy - entertaining and ejoyable and never a downer.
Joe Big in Montreal April 22, 2009
I tried this cigar based on the reviews that I read, I was a little disapointed after trying a few of these. The appearance is stunning, but I found that it did not draw or burn well. The first two thirds tasted pretty good to me but the latter third dropped off my charts for a repeat purchase. For perspective, I have only been smoking finer cigars for about a year so it is possible that I am not seasoned enough to provide an excellent critique, favorites are definitely a personal preference, and should be considered.
Wesley S. in Paso Robles, California March 20, 2009
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