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Punch Reviews

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Punch London Club
"Perfect Everyday Cigar!"
One of my favorite workshop smokes. I'm surprised at all the great verbal reviews but the total rating is still in the 80's. A well constructed Maduro with an excellent flavor a near perfect burn. Give this one a try!
Roscoe767 in Foothills NC February 12, 2015
Punch Champion
A great and consistent little smoke. Not too strong, but strong enough. I ve only had about 1 in 10 burn weird. Good bang for your buck.
Jason in Ohio January 6, 2015
Punch Rothschild
"Year After Year , A Great Cigar!"
What is there to say other than these are super great ! I've been smoking these guys since around 89 . These and the Maduro Rothchild are just excellent ! If you like these , try the Hoyos also :
John in Fannin County Georgia June 13, 2014
Punch After Dinner
"a overall good smoke"
a overall good smoke and I would have to try another brand to convence me to smoke anything but a punch cigar.
charlie natividad in alabama February 12, 2014
Punch London Club
"Great Daily smoke"
One of My favorite daily smokes. Slight spicy flavor, even burn, smooth draw. will buy more.
Morgan in NC October 20, 2013
Punch Rothschild
"A new Favorite"
I only let it sit in my box for a week, but I thoroughly enjoyed it on a hot saturday afternoon.
David in Kansas City May 28, 2013
Punch Elites
"It's like coming home."
This cigar hasn't changed in the thirty years I've been smoking them. The flavor,taste and aroma are akin to the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. Box after box, these wonderful cgars are constructed very well. They are not lightly mild nor over the top heavy. I would call this the most comfortable cigar made.
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013
Punch London Club
"These are great!"
I really like Punch cigars, all General Cigar brands really. These are a great cigar, consistent, great burn, great flavor - a definite favorite of mine! Punch does a great job with 42-46 ring gauge cigars.
Earl in Tennessee May 10, 2013 April 27, 2013
Punch London Club
"first cigar out of the box was perfect !"
I love Punch Cigars and I was not disappointed!the first cigar out of the box was perfect, so I ordered another for back up.
mike in hillsboro oregon April 17, 2013
Punch Rothschild
"I wish I could get these in Europe."
I have been smoking Punch cigars since I was in the Army, 26 years. I was introduced to these early and I have never strayed too far. I have tried a bit of everything, and I mostly smoke Cubans here in Europe. Whenever I visit the U.S., or someone visits me, I always resupply myself with, at least, 200 of these dusky beauties. The are the best bang for the buck anywhere. Frankly, in recent years Cubans have been slipping. I think I now prefer the Punch to almost any, non vintage, Cuban I have smoked in the last few years. Light one up and enjoy.
Blake in Budapest, Hungary April 10, 2013
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