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Punch Reviews

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Punch Elites
"Outstandingly consistent."
Outstanding in all segments...simply a great cigar.
Deryl in Southern Graced February 8, 2013
Punch Champion
A good smoke. It's tatsy, has a decent burn, well made and looks great! I'd love to see how they're made.
Bob in Texas January 16, 2013
Punch London Club
"Great smoke for the money"
I've gone thru about 10 boxes of these...never disappointed.
Jersey in Minnesota January 6, 2013
Punch London Club
"Great Value!"
I really enjoyed this one, a fairly quick smoke, but perfect construction and great and consistent flavour!
Fergus in Ottawa, Ontario November 3, 2012
Punch Rothschild
"A good back up"
They're a good back up smoke when you run out of your favorites. Even burn, consistent flavor (medium), a few wrapper issues but nothing major. Not an award winner by any standard, but I do not regret buying a box of these.
JD in Palmdale, Ca November 2, 2012
Punch Magnum
"Great Cigar at a Decent Price!"
Trying to find a cheaper alternative to the Perdomos and Rocky Patels that I usually buy, I decided to try to a box of the Punch Magnums. Not only was a I satisfied, I think I may have found a new favorite cigar! The burn is even and consistant and the draw is smooth and easy. The flavor is full and very satisfying. I will definitely be buying more of these!
Ken W. in Maryland October 1, 2012
Punch Champion
"Favorite Cigar of all time!"
Buy this cigar! You will not be disappointed. It is strong, flavorful, and burns great!
Dave in Erie, PA September 21, 2012
Punch Champion
"Pretty Darn Good smoke"
I have purchased a number of these and I really Enjoy them. They are consistant and have a nice flavor. A great Smoke for the money....
Jim in Laguna Hills, CA September 15, 2012
Punch London Club
Fantastic small cigar.
Militarytaja in CT July 24, 2012
Punch After Dinner
"Always a great treat!"
Once in awhile I get one of these at the local tobacco shop. The charge $10 a pop here. I'll be ordering a box of 25 maduros for my upcoming wedding to be shared with select guests and groomsman. Also may order a box for myself, the savings is considerable!
Doug in St Cloud Minnesota July 24, 2012
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