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Punch London Club
Fantastic small cigar.
Militarytaja in CT July 24, 2012
Punch After Dinner
"Always a great treat!"
Once in awhile I get one of these at the local tobacco shop. The charge $10 a pop here. I'll be ordering a box of 25 maduros for my upcoming wedding to be shared with select guests and groomsman. Also may order a box for myself, the savings is considerable!
Doug in St Cloud Minnesota July 24, 2012
Punch Double Corona
An excellently smooth, long smoke. Loved the flavors, and not too harsh.
Jesse in MI, USA July 18, 2012
Punch London Club
"Great smoke"
I was'nt a cigar smoker. I was given a Punch (EMS) at my sons wedding and it was the best cigar I had ever smoked. Had to buy a box..
Gaetano L. in Smithtown, Long Island N.Y. July 13, 2012
Punch Magnum
"Still A Damn Good Cigar"
It's been a couple of years since I've had a Punch and nothing's changed. Good construction, taste is flavorful and it's a relaxing smoke. This time around I bought 2 boxes from Famous and once again I was not disappointed. Thank you Famous; Punch Magnum is still a damn good cigar.
O3 in California April 5, 2012
Punch Champion
"Great Cigar"
Exceptional cigar, especially considering the price. Ash held on for 3/4 of the cigar. Very well constructed, burns well, tastes great. This stick reminds you what smoking cigars is all about. I will be buying a box as soon as I can make some room in my humidor!
goblu in wisconsin March 17, 2012
Punch London Club
"Every Day Smoke"
I am a big fan of Punch in general and London Club natural, which I smoke as a day cigar. Great taste, easy to take, consistent build. Only downside is the build, can be very dry out of the box and at times the leaf falls apart. But, great smoke and highly recommend it based on taste, quality and price.
Sal Paradise in Arlington, VA February 27, 2012
Punch Champion
Somewhat strong for a small cigar. overall not bad.
Don in New York January 22, 2012
Punch London Club
Great, tasty, smoke. I got one as a Christmas gift, and loved it so much I bought a box. Fantastic taste, and lots of smoke. It's small, so it's a good, quick, smoke. Great price. Great taste. What's not to like!!!
Steve in Hyde Park, NY January 12, 2012
Punch Rothschild
Cigars arrived with wrappers cracked and peeling. So dried out I had to throw them away.
Scott in Ga November 24, 2011
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