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Punch Deluxe Reviews

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Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Excellent Cigar but Upper Cut more economical!!"
This is an excellent cigar, I have however, replaced this cigar with the Punch Upper Cut cigar because it is, according to my taste buds, the same flavor, but only supercharged. I only need to smoke 1-2" to get the same "Punch" I get with the Deluxe Chateau L Oscuro, which makes it more economical for me. So if you are ready to graduate to the Punch Upper cut cigar you will get more intense taste and save money at the same time.
Dennis in Sterling Heights, MI June 8, 2011
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Can't ask for anything more"
This smoke is great. It last forever, burns great, and what a good draw for a big smoke. These are worth every dollar.
Adam in Georgia April 24, 2011
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"One of the Best"
This is by far one of the best smokes I've had. It's burn ,draw and consistency are exceptional. Will by again.
John in Bowie July 12, 2010
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Must get a pass because its a Punch"
Skip this one. The smoke wasn't pleasant and the taste was placid. Normally larger ring size improve down the stick- not this one.
Luke in Idaho September 11, 2009
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"What a great cigar!"
This is a fine cigar for the price. Mellow. Good burn. Long-lasting.
Dennis in Portland, Oregon May 6, 2009
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"Go-To Cigar"
I'm continually pleased with this cigar. I'm on my third box now and will continue to order these.
Kyle in Georgia August 11, 2008
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"My favorite cigar, hands down"
This is by far my favorite cigar, hands down. Good size, fantastic flavor, always an even burn and good draw.
Mike in Ohio August 11, 2008
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"punch deluxe is a wonderful smoke."
Punch cigars are an a+ all the way.
barry in westchester il. April 30, 2008
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'M'
This has just been made my daily cigar. Tastes so good,you want to bite into it.
JT in Florida March 28, 2008
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"back again"
Ive slipped away to the cheaper rancho punch but this one blowes it away Thanks Punch for this winner
Bob in Tampa Fla February 14, 2008
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