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Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Is hero worship wrong?"
The best cigar ever. Ever. Perfect in every way. I bow before each box I purchase. I once bought a box that drew a little tough, but they fell in line with time in the humi. These cheroots are gorgeous, they know they're cool and they don't need to work at it. There are lots of established brands out there who think whatever they put out should fetch $6 or more per stick. Then there are unproven, Johnny come latelies that think an OK stogie ought to fetch $5. But here are these absolutely PERFECT examples of the best in cigar making going for around $4 and you feel like a dumb a$$ for being seduced by those other options. Buy yourself a box each birthday as I do and feel good about being you.
dale in eastern washington February 10, 2008
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'M'
"My mistake!"
I apologize for the error in my earlier review. I was referring to the Chateau "L" and wrote "M"...sorry for the confusion.
Dave in KY July 4, 2007
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'M'
"Who knew?"
I am a diehard Punch cigar smoker. I do, at times, try others, but always return to Punch, as I believe them to be great cigars. There are a number of cigars out there that taste great but the Punch line is as good if not better than anything I have smoked in the last 30 years. The only problem with the deluxe line is that the M is a 54 ring, which is larger than I like. The Chateau M is a superior cigar! What we need is a maduro "M" the same size as the "After Dinner" Punch.
Dave in KY July 2, 2007
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"I treat my self to one occasionally"
I am a student and cannot afford many premium cigars, and I usually purchase Punch London Clubs. Occassionally, I'll get one of these and I love them. Floral, aromatic, clean, woody, spicy. In contrast to the London Club... heartier, better construction, more complex. I can definately distinguish the differences in quality.
David Black in Indiana November 23, 2006
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"One of the best cigars I have ever smoked."
I have been smoking cigars for 39 years and have never had a better cigar than the Puch Deluxe Chateau L. It does not matter whether you have the N, M or the OSC, they burn beautifly and maintain their taste throughout the entire smoke.
Bob D'Amico in Massachusetts March 23, 2006
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Consistantly perfect"
The only cigar I have smoked over the past ten years that never fails to satisfy.
Robert D in Boston, Massachusetts September 28, 2005
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"My go-to cigar after test driving the populars."
My preferance is the Oscuro however, the Maduro is the most commonly stocked by my local retailers. So, I will review the Maduro. This is a great after dinner smoke. There is a lot going on simultaniously while smoking this bad boy. You can taste anything from hints of chocolate, coffee roasted nuts, to char marks from a grilled Porterhouse steak! It is that complex. My Wife insists this is the only cigar that does not offend her other than Upmanns. Also great if you have tried Macanudo Robust and liked. You will find these a better value. The downfall is they tend to run but recover nicely, unlike over rated Trinidads.
John in Indianapolis, In. November 14, 2004
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"A great smoke"
A favorite of mine. Perfect draw, great flavor, good consistent burn. Great aroma. Worth every penny.
Aaron in New Orleans March 7, 2004
Punch Deluxe Corona Gorda
"Great Smoke"
Rich, Oily Wrapper. Great flavor and not harsh - especially for a Maduro. Really enjoyed this cigar - would buy again.
Mike in California May 31, 2003
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