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Punch Deluxe Reviews

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Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Great Cigar for experienced somkers, powerful."
This ia a wonderful, full-flaored cigar that is incredibly affordable considering its taste and enjoyability.
Brian Rendine in Plano, Texas April 1, 2002
Punch Deluxe Corona
"A wonderful surprise"
What a great surprise! My regular flavor is the lesser expensive Punch Crystals Naturals, but having tried this slight "upgrade" I believe I will change my habits. A very delightful flavor. Not too strong, not too soft, but just right! The best maduro I've ever tasted at any price.
Chris Desselles in Denham Springs, LA May 31, 2001
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"My bread-and-butter cigar"
My absoulte favorite. Infrequently have I run into a better cigar in the milder ranks. The aroma is among the best. Only a rare Bahia or some of the real Cubans, like a Romeo, can surpass.
Tom in Seattle March 11, 2001
Punch Deluxe Royal Coronation
"Most consistent good cigar of all I have smoked"
Very good taste and absolutely the best consistency of any of the cigars I have ever smoked. I would unhesitatingly give this a rating of 90+ on a scale of 100/
Kumar Shah in Ridgewood, New Jersey November 27, 2000
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"I've tried the rest, this one is best!"
I've tried $5, $10, $15, even cigars over $20 a stick! Forget the others! Look no further for the all occasion cigar! Awesome appearance, great construction, medium to full bodied with great tobacco flavor! I'll smoke this when a new member of the family arrives or during a typhoon, which we get a lot of over here. PUNCH is the best!
Fernando B. Soriano in Barrigada, Guam, USA October 17, 2000
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Without question,one of the best!"
Smoke after smoke,still one of the best!ALWAYS consistant,full,yet smooth... If i was banished on an island for life and had my choice 3 cigars in the world,"King Chateau L'm' would be right there!
Lee Hasselman in THe'BURGH PA September 24, 2000
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"A Longtime Favorite"
The double maduro wrapper lives up to the name "Punch". A full bodied, rich and spicy smoke. A well constructed cigar with a consistent burn. In the under $100 range, a better value will not be found.
Dan Powderly in Austin, Texas June 21, 2000
Punch Deluxe Corona Gorda
"Great Cigar"
Excellent smoke. Full bodied, smooth, great finish.
Joe Kiefer in Temple, TX March 14, 2000
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"An exquisite smoke"
This one of the smoothest cigars that I have smoked. Smooth draw rich flavor and endurance. My favorite for sitting on the porch watching the sunset.
David Carter in Berthoud, Colorado December 26, 1999
Punch Deluxe Chateau 'L'
"Great taste, great value"
I was really impressed with the Chateau L maduro, If you like El Rey DelMundo, Hoya De Monterey,CAO, or Bahia vintage 1993, you will love these cigars. Fantastic taste and a great value when you consider what else is available for under a hundred bucks. Strongly recommended.
Jack Braddell in San Diego, CA 92120 November 15, 1999
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