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Punch Elites Reviews [view details]

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"Always consistant, great flavor"
I love maduro cigars and the Punch Elite Maduro is a great size and smoke at a price that makes it suitable for an everyday stick. One of the few "corona" sized smokes I have found that has consistant draw through the whole box.
Bill M in Eastern PA June 10, 2008
"They weren't kidding"
Bought a box based on the reviews, recommendation of a friend, & the price. WOW! This is really a great smoke. Consistent throughout with very good burn. Can't go wrong for the price.
Ben K in Monroe,LA January 5, 2007
"Good daily smoke."
This cigar makes a great every day smoke.
everestso in So Cal October 6, 2006
"Fantastic everyday smoke"
These (Maduros) pack a ton of flavor for the size. They are extremely consistent, great hearty flavor, even draw and burn. Not for the beginner! I am on my second box and I have yet to have a disappointing one. For the price this is one of the best values out there.
Joe in Oregon October 14, 2004
"Punch Elites - Maduro 5 1/4 x 44"
This cigar package would even be better if it was mixed with one/half maduro and the other/half natural wrap so we can enjoy both worlds with one purchase. By the way, these cigars are very aromatic, I have been complimented several times by smokers and non-smokers alike about the rich aromatic smell and flavor.
Shawn K. in Colorado May 25, 2004
"Great "everyday" smoke!"
Wow, for a person who usually smokes the mild to medium sticks, I enjoyed this full bodied, consitent stick. Great with a few fingers of chilled Jack Daniels; of the four I've smoked, all were consitent and lasted for some time! Nice cigar and at this price, you can't go wrong!
Dan Falliaux in Denver, CO May 19, 2004
"Excellent everyday cigar"
This is my favorite everyday cigar. Nice spicey taste, oily wrapper with a good consistent burn. Compliments beer or port.
Thomas Liles in Dallas ,Texas December 17, 2003
"Love at first puff.."
Bought a box and can`t stop smoking them, great flovor and burns well, bravo-punch.
Mario in Queens New York October 7, 2003
"Not Quite The Rave of Others"
I can't quite give the Elite the rave review I see others have, but not far below. I found this a well made smoke, but with a rather flavorless wrapper and a bit harsh in the mouth. But those were only a little below what others said. I rate it more like a FSS 7 overall (82). Definately well worth the $1.50 a stick though. Maybe a larger size like a Robusto would mellow it out a bit, but I went for price on this one. I wasn't disappointed, but I wasn't amazed either.
Cecil in Stockton, CA July 13, 2003
"A Good Buy"
Not a Fuente, But Damn close. A little time in the humidor makes these a great smoke. Both the natural and maduro were found to deliver a satisfying taste. A fair to good burn if you know how to control your cigar. Would make a good every day smoke!
Bob in Portland, Oregon November 1, 2001
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10 Construction (89) 100
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