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Clean burn, complex taste, great price, great quality. I think punch cigars are in general wonderful.....
Jon in Minneapolis July 13, 2011
"How it all began"
This is the cigar that got me into cigars. It's just the right size, with quality construction, and a fair price. The taste is rich and satisfying, nothing complicated, just creamy tobacco flavor. I bought a couple of Elites about a year ago at the local liquor store and the rest is history.
P Anthony C in Katy, Texas June 29, 2009
"Lots of Punch Flavor"
I bought a box of these with the intention of making it my daily "Go to" cigar. They could use some age on them (what cigar couldn't??), but they aren't bad right out of the box. They have that distinct Punch flavor that I enjoy and the price is right. Whilst they do not match up to the Magnum in terms of taste, they are a great smoke when you don't have a long time to enjoy a good cigar.
Brian in Kentucky April 22, 2008
"Great value"
This was a great tasting full-bodied cigar. Punch is always consistent and the price can't be beat!
Mike in Salinas March 25, 2005
"Excellent Everyday Smoke!"
An everyday smoke worthy cigar that is something you can share with pride! A great value!
Chris Fry in Santa Clarita, Ca November 20, 2002
mmmmmm...taste so good, the flavor of these got better as it burned down. I bought two of the Punch Elites at my local cigar shop. They were very solid smokes, I would say med-full bodied good for any time of day. I would suggest trying these if you like full flavored cigars with a nice burn.
JP in California January 13, 2002
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10 Draw (81) 100
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10 Taste (83) 100
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10 Construction (79) 100
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