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Punch Gran Puro Reviews

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Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito
My go to cigar, absolutely love this stick
Kevin in NJ April 7, 2014
Punch Gran Puro Rancho
I have tried a variety of punch brand cigars. I was a little disappointed at the burn on this particular one but the smoke, taste, construction were all very good. I still prefer the Rothschild over this one. Its not the worst cigar just felt it could have burned a little more even.
Jon in minneapolis July 13, 2011
Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito
"totally reliable and superb"
difficult to beat these and i prefer them to the unreliable cubans too
roy r in uk May 15, 2009
Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita
"Nice stick for the price"
Good even burn and a nice price
Marc in New orleans November 15, 2008
Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita
"I love these"
Outstanding flavor! As newbie, this is the taste I've been searching for. Of the three Punch Gran Puros I've smoked, two burned perfectly and one needed some correction. One of the two or three best cigars I've tried so far. I plan to get a box soon. Grab a five pack of these; you'll see. Highly recommended.
Steven in Hot 'lanta August 11, 2008
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"Great cigar for the price"
Smoked the Puros some years ago but started trying to find the perfect cigar,tried all brands then purchased the 5 pack Sierra Puros from Famous & realized i had the best smoke all along and didn't realize it. The draw,look & spicey notes that take over after about 1/3 through the smoke is what i enjoy the most.
Frank in New York June 23, 2008
Punch Gran Puro Rancho
"Great after dinner cigar"
This is a great smoke, its not upper echelon, but it is very good. I smoked this after dinner with a good quality bourbon (basil haydens) and this cigar pairs wonderfully. It is strong, smooth, robust, and flavourful. the draw was a little tight, and the burn was a little incosistant. But overall a very quality cigar.
Justinq in Madison, Ms June 11, 2008
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"The Perfect '10' Cigar"
I have smoked quality cigars for over 30 years now and (as in my other reviews) continue to be a Punch devotee. I have not smoked a cigar as good as the Punch Gran Puro Sierra. This (for me) is quite simply the perfect cigar! From construction to appearance, taste, burn and aroma this cigar is simply the best full bodied cigar I have found. I apologize for my exuberance, but I received my Sierras today from Famous (who undoubtably has the best service of all cigar providers as well as the greatest selection and price) and rapidly opened the box. I subsequently lit my Punch, poured two fingers of Cazadores Anejo tequila, sat down with my wife and began enjoying my Sierra. I could not be more satisfied. Sadly this will be my last review as I will only smoke this Punch from now on. I hope you try this cigar. If you enjoy a rich, full bodied puro you will not be disappointed...
Dave in Kentucky January 9, 2008
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"Designated hitter"
The first time I tried the Sierra I felt like I had went back in time. It has the flavor I haven?t had and have missed since before the cigar boom in the early 90's. Punch maduro cigars used to have this same rich pungent tobacco flavor that developed into full, thick, creamy espresso, earthy pure Honduran signature flavor. Dam it's good to have it back. It would be nice if it came in a pyramid. This is an awesome cigar that ages very well if you can wait..
CJ in Irvine August 29, 2007
Punch Gran Puro Rancho
"Good power, good smoothness, so-so flavor"
What attracted me to this cigar was it's beautiful color, wide girth, and gorgeous sun grown wrapper. Upon ignition, I immediatly noticed a firm but comfortable draw and a very pleasing aroma; yet as I continued to smoke, I found myself wanting more intensity of flavor to compliment it's rather formidable strength. Eventually the smoke became somewhat one dimensional and without "soul", ultimately causing me to lose interest. I guess it just goes to show that beauty is indeed only skin deep.
Artie in Los Angeles May 21, 2007
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