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Punch Gran Puro Reviews

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Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito
"fuller bodied, great constrution"
recieved a box this week and have had the opportunity to smoke a few...a real good cigar with lots of flavor and great constrution...it's hard to imagine what these babies would have sold for during the boom...this cigar really has me appreciating where we are right now...a real value.
Kalika Clark in Maui, Hawaii August 11, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Rancho
"You hope this cigar smoke will never end...."
This is such a great cigar! It is sweet and still gives you that flavor you want to come back to over and over. The burn is excellent, the taste is superb, the cost is so reasonable and the consistancy is always there. I can't get enough of these cigars! I also want to try some of the other sizes to see what they are like. Enjoy!
Bill B. in Connecticut July 28, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito
"Fantastic Stick"
These beauties are incredible right out of the box. The construction and appearance are near flawless. The smooth flavors are matched only by it's near perfect draw and even burn. I would have expected to pay in the AVO price range for a box of these. I still can't believe they are less than $80.00.
Jim Cleer in Howell, MI July 4, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"What a smoke"
very very spicy outta the box and very enjoyable if you like a full smoke...than I let them sit for two months. my my my awesome smoke!! now I got to appreciate more flavors, mild cedar with a nice cocoa overlay with a more consistant spicy flavor and roasted nut. As far as bang for the buck this is clearly the tops so far... I will see how the Partagas Spanish Rosado matches up next!!
docmanx in Portugal April 24, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Santa Rita
"Great short robusto"
What this little guy lacks in looks, it more than makes up for in taste. The Gran Puro line has been a great addition to the Punch line - I prefer it's taste to the more expensive Gran Cru. This short robusto is a thirty to forty minute smoke that provides rich,cedery taste with an underpinning of fruit. A gem of a small smoke that taste better than much more expensive blends.
David in New Hampshire March 7, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito
"The Best Punch ever"
The Gran Puro to me, is the tastiest and most unique cigar ever made by Villazon. This Honduran Puro reaches levels of taste satisfaction I have never experienced in any other Punch in a whole lot of years. Construction is top shelf, the wrappers are dark and oily, and the flavors in this cigar are nothing short of spectacular. These are and will remain a "go-to" for me for a long time. Bravo
John W in Chicago February 19, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"Packing a Punch"
It's amazing a cigar this silky smooth can deliver this much intense flavor. A near perfect draw and burn make this a must buy. This is a powerful smoke with peppery notes and maybe a touch of hot cinnamon.
Stine in KC January 16, 2004
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"Cool star filled night Havana circa 1960"
By far one of the best products put out by the Punch/Hoyo/El Rey factory. Far better than even their Rare Corojo line. Not for the faint at heart. My grandfather had one and started telling me stories of when he would visit Havana as a young man. This cigar burns longer than Grandpa's stories.
Eddy in New Jersey December 26, 2003
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"Very nice flavor and draw."
This stick had a very nice draw with a full head of smoke coming through. The flavor was very full and complex with notes of leather and cedar. I smoked it to the nub and it was smooth and cool all the way.
VikeFan in Prior Lake, MN November 16, 2003
Punch Gran Puro Sierra
"No down side"
The Punch Gran Puro Sierra is a very good smoke and when you factor in the price, its goes off the scale. The draw is easy, the construction is on the money and the taste is great. What else can you ask for in a cigar?
Pete Tosi in Salem, Oregon November 7, 2003
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