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Punch Gran Puro Pico Bonito Reviews [view details]

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My go to cigar, absolutely love this stick
Kevin in NJ April 7, 2014
"totally reliable and superb"
difficult to beat these and i prefer them to the unreliable cubans too
roy r in uk May 15, 2009
"Love the wrapper, love the taste, love the price!"
one of the best cigars I've ever smoked. Nice dark wrapper, smooth silky taste. Great quality at an exceptionally low price.
Allan Swartz in Toronto, Canada July 28, 2005
"Poor draw, flawed construction!!"
What a dissapointment. The first 4 cigars out of the box were difficult to impossible to smoke. The draw was similar to a cigar with a hole or crack in the body. Each of the 4 had a "soft spot" in it's construction that appeared to be an empty spot. These brought back memories of the construction problems Punch had years ago during the cigar boom. I've learned my lesson - no more Punch.
Dom Miglionico in La Luz, New Mexico June 1, 2005
"Great Taste, Iffy Construction"
A tobacconist friend of mine gave me the 54-ring size, and it was terrific in all respects. I was so intrigued that I bought a box, but this time went with the 50-ring Pico Bonito. It had the same great sun-grown flavor as the first one did, but after getting partway through the box I'm having some tight draw and inconsistent burn problems. Still, for the price it is hard to beat this full-flavored all Honduran smoke.
Mike M. in Minneapolis April 22, 2005
"fuller bodied, great constrution"
recieved a box this week and have had the opportunity to smoke a few...a real good cigar with lots of flavor and great constrution...it's hard to imagine what these babies would have sold for during the boom...this cigar really has me appreciating where we are right now...a real value.
Kalika Clark in Maui, Hawaii August 11, 2004
"Fantastic Stick"
These beauties are incredible right out of the box. The construction and appearance are near flawless. The smooth flavors are matched only by it's near perfect draw and even burn. I would have expected to pay in the AVO price range for a box of these. I still can't believe they are less than $80.00.
Jim Cleer in Howell, MI July 4, 2004
"The Best Punch ever"
The Gran Puro to me, is the tastiest and most unique cigar ever made by Villazon. This Honduran Puro reaches levels of taste satisfaction I have never experienced in any other Punch in a whole lot of years. Construction is top shelf, the wrappers are dark and oily, and the flavors in this cigar are nothing short of spectacular. These are and will remain a "go-to" for me for a long time. Bravo
John W in Chicago February 19, 2004
"Good looking and tastey"
Good looking and tastey! I really was suprised when I first tried the smpke. Smooth, good draw and very tastey!
BTO in Chicago October 2, 2003
"Came to me quite dry,"
One of my few disappointments from Famous. These came to me very dry, but after storing in a humidor, they are fine now. They are stronger that my usual Punch, but are very pleasant to smoke.
Bob in DuPont WA September 18, 2003
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10 Draw (90) 100
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10 Appearance (91) 100
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10 Taste (93) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (89) 100
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