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Punch Gran Puro Sierra Reviews [view details]

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"Great cigar for the price"
Smoked the Puros some years ago but started trying to find the perfect cigar,tried all brands then purchased the 5 pack Sierra Puros from Famous & realized i had the best smoke all along and didn't realize it. The draw,look & spicey notes that take over after about 1/3 through the smoke is what i enjoy the most.
Frank in New York June 23, 2008
"The Perfect '10' Cigar"
I have smoked quality cigars for over 30 years now and (as in my other reviews) continue to be a Punch devotee. I have not smoked a cigar as good as the Punch Gran Puro Sierra. This (for me) is quite simply the perfect cigar! From construction to appearance, taste, burn and aroma this cigar is simply the best full bodied cigar I have found. I apologize for my exuberance, but I received my Sierras today from Famous (who undoubtably has the best service of all cigar providers as well as the greatest selection and price) and rapidly opened the box. I subsequently lit my Punch, poured two fingers of Cazadores Anejo tequila, sat down with my wife and began enjoying my Sierra. I could not be more satisfied. Sadly this will be my last review as I will only smoke this Punch from now on. I hope you try this cigar. If you enjoy a rich, full bodied puro you will not be disappointed...
Dave in Kentucky January 9, 2008
"Designated hitter"
The first time I tried the Sierra I felt like I had went back in time. It has the flavor I haven?t had and have missed since before the cigar boom in the early 90's. Punch maduro cigars used to have this same rich pungent tobacco flavor that developed into full, thick, creamy espresso, earthy pure Honduran signature flavor. Dam it's good to have it back. It would be nice if it came in a pyramid. This is an awesome cigar that ages very well if you can wait..
CJ in Irvine August 29, 2007
"Flavourless stick"
Bought one of these from famous smoke. Tried it yesterday with great anticipation, only to be severely disappointed. Burned well, but developed no flavour. Was hoping it would open up since this is a long cigar, but it didn't. Save your money
Sree in New Jersey November 21, 2005
"Wonderful smoke..."
I bought a few singles of these on a recommendation from a friend and WOW! These dark beauties have that rare, sweet complexity found in much costlier full bodied cigars out there. From a few singles I'm now buying a box to christen my new 2nd humidor! Try them and enjoy!
PB in Boston June 14, 2005
"What a smoke"
very very spicy outta the box and very enjoyable if you like a full smoke...than I let them sit for two months. my my my awesome smoke!! now I got to appreciate more flavors, mild cedar with a nice cocoa overlay with a more consistant spicy flavor and roasted nut. As far as bang for the buck this is clearly the tops so far... I will see how the Partagas Spanish Rosado matches up next!!
docmanx in Portugal April 24, 2004
"Packing a Punch"
It's amazing a cigar this silky smooth can deliver this much intense flavor. A near perfect draw and burn make this a must buy. This is a powerful smoke with peppery notes and maybe a touch of hot cinnamon.
Stine in KC January 16, 2004
"Cool star filled night Havana circa 1960"
By far one of the best products put out by the Punch/Hoyo/El Rey factory. Far better than even their Rare Corojo line. Not for the faint at heart. My grandfather had one and started telling me stories of when he would visit Havana as a young man. This cigar burns longer than Grandpa's stories.
Eddy in New Jersey December 26, 2003
"Very nice flavor and draw."
This stick had a very nice draw with a full head of smoke coming through. The flavor was very full and complex with notes of leather and cedar. I smoked it to the nub and it was smooth and cool all the way.
VikeFan in Prior Lake, MN November 16, 2003
"No down side"
The Punch Gran Puro Sierra is a very good smoke and when you factor in the price, its goes off the scale. The draw is easy, the construction is on the money and the taste is great. What else can you ask for in a cigar?
Pete Tosi in Salem, Oregon November 7, 2003
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10 Consistency (90) 100
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10 Draw (91) 100
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10 Appearance (95) 100
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10 Taste (96) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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