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Punch Rare Corojo Reviews

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Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild
"Glad I Picked This One Up!"
One of the best Corojos that I've every tried. My only disappointment is it wasn't big enough. This one could have been a mile long and I wouldn't have backed off it. If your a fan of corojo and didn't like this gem maybe try cleansing the pallet with a little sip of your favorite spirit prior to lighting.
Roscoe767 in Foothills NC February 12, 2015
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"Top 5"
2.5 hours and 6 beers later!!!! Going to my top 5 list!!!
Dane Harstine in Emmaus ,PA June 13, 2014
Punch Rare Corojo Champion
"Great All Around Cigar"
These are a great all around cigar. I am on my second box and have had no burn or draw issues. The description is full flav but it is more like med/full. Worth every penny and I will be getting another box just to make sure I have extras. A Must Try !
s fla fishngolf in fl keys August 10, 2013
Punch Rare Corojo Elite
"Good construction, Impressive flavor"
Excellent value and good flavor. Great little smoke.
Ron in New Jersey June 16, 2013
Punch Rare Corojo Champion
This is as good a cigar as you can buy...great on the golf course
Jeff in Florida January 19, 2013
Punch Rare Corojo Champion
"Burn issues"
Very inconsistent, a lot of burn issues. Tended to go out and canoe. The first inch tastes really good, then everything after that was a mess.
Dan in Mass October 13, 2012
Punch Rare Corojo 10th Anniversary Connecticut
I received this cigar in a sampler and finally got time to smoke it. I'm sort of partial to Sumatra's (to clarify: this used to be Sumatra wrapped before the 10th anniversary) Now it is a Corojo (the first I've had) and I was extremely pleased. For me its all about good flavor without harshness and this certainly delivered. I'd describe it as a medium-full flavored, medium-full bodied. Good burn and construction (gotta love that box pressing!) For only $5 a stick for something this good with this rare of a wrapper you can't go wrong. Punch seems to be a very good brand for delivering true value.
Will in PA September 19, 2012
Punch Rare Corojo Elite
Great smoke. Punch never lets me down. Full flavored and great draw. Can't go wrong in my book
Tedd in Wyoming May 3, 2012
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"salt air and El Doble a smash."
Various tastes throughout. Damn good.
roger p in vero beach, fl. March 25, 2012
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"Definition of an Excellent Value"
It's interesting that this is classified as full, I think of an LFD Airbender as full; however, this is a great smoke and a tremendous value. Cigar holds it's ash very well, love this cigar for in the car while driving. Great smooth rich slightly spicy flavor. Mostly a creamy leather flavor. An absolute standout for Punch.
Ethan in Dallas, TX March 19, 2012
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