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Punch Rare Corojo Reviews

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Punch Rare Corojo Champion
"Nice Quick Smoke"
This is a nice medium bodied smoke pretty much anyone can enjoy. Very nice smooth flavors, little bit of spice, but a very easy smoke. Love it as a change of pace cigar or something early in afternoon. Nice little brother to the Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
Ethan in Dallas, TX March 19, 2012
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"Outstanding Cigar..extremely enjoyable."
Cigar is consistent from tip to tip. Great burn and ash.
Greg B in Jessup, PA December 17, 2011
Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona
"Not as impressed as the rest of you but not bad"
This is a well constructed cigar that draws slow and burns nicely. I did not pick up any chocolate in this cigar as a few of the others have mentioned. To me it has a bready flavor and is medium bodied. A little bit one dimensional and milder than I prefer until you get into the last half of the cigar. I don't find this to be nearly as good as the Punch Gran Puro.
btg in michigan November 22, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona
I don't know if it was this one particular cigar or my tastes getting jaded,to me it was fairly mild with some leather & a little sweetness, not a bad thing just didn;t satisfy me albeit the construction & burn were very good. no spicy, pepper twang that I really like is all
cybergar in Bondsville October 9, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild
"goody gum drops!"
These were pretty darn tasty! It made me want to go buy a whole lot more! I'll get you my pretties!
Yoop in Oklahoma September 2, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"Great Cigar"
Great cigar, excellent flavor, construction, and apperance. Another Punch classic.
Dave in Kalamazoo August 9, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona
"Full Flavor Goodness"
A Full Flavored Cigar. The more you smoke it the spicer it gets. It has zero sweetness and the best description I can give is FULL FLAVOR. I savored this cigar down to the nub. The setting was even perfect on the porch with my husband enjoying solitude watching a rain storm blow in. My husband however, did not like this cigar I finished it off by myself. I absolutely loved it. For me it's not an everyday smoke but when the moments right! It's perfecto
JDS in Pensacola August 9, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"great cigar"
I loved the taste and long burn .
Larry in Laredo ,Texas June 15, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo El Doble
"good cigar2 smoke while playing poker"
This cigar is very good.
Merril Landry in TX May 25, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona
"great smoke"
great everyday smoke for the price great flavor too i highly recommend them
m szeman in southplainfield,nj May 23, 2008
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