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Punch Rare Corojo Reviews

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Punch Rare Corojo Magnum
"A great cigar for the price."
A great cigar for the price. I just wish it lasted longer. This is among Punch's best.
Duane in Delaware May 21, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Magnum
"Definately Worth The Price"
About a quarter way through a box and it's been great. Nice all the way around.
Dave in Las Vegas April 15, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Crystale
"Rich, Chocolaty, smooth smoke"
I was pleased to actually be able to find, in stock, a cigar highly rated in C.A. I was more pleased to find how good it is to smoke. I'm a fan of relatively full-bodied torpedos and cigars with a chocolate or caramel component to them. The Crystale has those qualities, burns beautifully and has a wonderful aroma. Now, if I can just figure out a use for those substantial glass tubes!
Peter J in Davie, Florida March 21, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Crystale
"A Beautiful Thing"
The Punch Rare Corojo Crystal is a fabulous smoke! Gentlemen, I have had them all and this baby rates right up there with the best. I am on my second box and they all have been perfect. Perfect draw, construction, taste, aroma, burn, etc. It's a Beautiful Thing!
SGrant in Coral Springs FL March 1, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Pitas
"Great smoke all the way around the board!"
Perfect construction, burn, draw, and taste. I usually smoke a variety of sticks from various manufacturers. These are very consistent and get better with age.
S. Newsense in Baltimore, MD January 4, 2008
Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild
"Unique taste."
An exceptional cigar! I was curious about corojo and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I read the corojo research links provided in previous Punch reviews and must admit that while I remained somewhat confused by the information provided I decided to buy a box anyway. If these are not 'true' corojo, whatever they are they are great. While expensive, I hope everyone who enjoys Punch cigars tries the Punch Corojo at least once. You will be glad you did. An excellent cigar with an indescribably tremendous taste. The only downside is now I'll have to wait for them to be available once again.
Dave in Kentucky December 27, 2007
Punch Rare Corojo Pitas
"These need some aging"
Every time I'm in a local smoke shop, I grab a few of these and they never last too long in the humidor, so I broke down and purchased a box. I removed the ugliest one in the box which had a large dent that managed to evade the eyes of trained professionals. This particular cigar was thrown out for a draw so tight, it was unsmokable. Not a very good impression, but I am aware that every cigar maker in the world churns out a bad smoke or two. I grabbed another, and the draw was perfect; a bit tight, but this is usually the norm with box pressed smokes. The cigar burned perfectly, but it tasted very young. There was a slight taste of ammonia that comes with cigars that have not been properly aged. The rest of the box is tucked away in a special storage container and will be aged for a minimum of one year. In the mean time, I will find something else to smoke.
Brian in Kentucky November 11, 2007
Punch Rare Corojo Rothschild
"very pleasant surprise"
Beautifully constructed cigar: excellent draw and consistent burn (1 1/2" ash at one point). Smooth medium bodied flavor. Perfect for a 20-25 minute smoke.
nosnittap in Portland, oregon September 18, 2007
Punch Rare Corojo Pitas
"Great Cigar`"
Fantastic cigar! Great, bold flavor that doesn't over power. good leather notes and something else in there that I'm not sure about. Did have a bit of a burn issue, but once evened out, it was great.
Jose in Gainesville, Fl September 15, 2007
Punch Rare Corojo Pitas
"Very good"
I like this cigar in all it's sizes, but this is the best (in my opinion). A long, flavorful smoke that dosen't become over powering. Spicy, but not *too* spicy. Strong, but not *too* strong. A very plesant smoke from start to nub. :)
Jason in Youngstown September 9, 2007
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