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Punch Rare Corojo Double Corona Reviews [view details]

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"Not as impressed as the rest of you but not bad"
This is a well constructed cigar that draws slow and burns nicely. I did not pick up any chocolate in this cigar as a few of the others have mentioned. To me it has a bready flavor and is medium bodied. A little bit one dimensional and milder than I prefer until you get into the last half of the cigar. I don't find this to be nearly as good as the Punch Gran Puro.
btg in michigan November 22, 2008
I don't know if it was this one particular cigar or my tastes getting jaded,to me it was fairly mild with some leather & a little sweetness, not a bad thing just didn;t satisfy me albeit the construction & burn were very good. no spicy, pepper twang that I really like is all
cybergar in Bondsville October 9, 2008
"Full Flavor Goodness"
A Full Flavored Cigar. The more you smoke it the spicer it gets. It has zero sweetness and the best description I can give is FULL FLAVOR. I savored this cigar down to the nub. The setting was even perfect on the porch with my husband enjoying solitude watching a rain storm blow in. My husband however, did not like this cigar I finished it off by myself. I absolutely loved it. For me it's not an everyday smoke but when the moments right! It's perfecto
JDS in Pensacola August 9, 2008
"great smoke"
great everyday smoke for the price great flavor too i highly recommend them
m szeman in southplainfield,nj May 23, 2008
"Seems like only I like them ....?"
despite the previous poor reviews I actually enjoyed these and thought they were as good as the real Cuban Punch brand. Not too powerful but a good flavour at a cheap American price. Roy.R
CreekEnd in UK August 10, 2007
"Must have got a lemom"
After reading the reviews here I was excited to light this up, but ended up very dissapointed. The draw was horrible, and the amount of smoke was puny. The taste was slightly below average for me, nothing complex, just a medium tobacco flavor. I will definately smoke another one to make sure that I didn't just get a bad stick.
bthek in Albuquerque, NM April 26, 2007
"Rare, perhaps. Corojo, perhaps not."
Just stumbled across an informative article that states that the Punch Rare Corojo cigar is neither rare, nor Corojo. http://www.smokemag.com/0304/feature.htm For what it's worth.
Artie in Los Angeles April 21, 2007
"Just perfect!"
This is one of the cigars that I would buy a box of if I had the extra money to spend. For those who enjoy the Rocky Patel Vintage or the Sun Grown- give one of these a try. Oily wrapper, smooth, yet flavorful cigar. I smoked this one down to the fingers.
Eric D. in Maryland August 12, 2006
"Awesome; full bodied, smooth, nice smoke."
These are a favorite of mine. Very good flavor and strength. Perfect for 9 holes of golf.
Keenan P in Overland Park, Kansas November 3, 2005
"Amazing smoke!! One of my favorites!!!!"
Great smoke!!! Always in my humidor now!!!!
William W in Fort Wayne IN October 30, 2005
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10 Taste (92) 100
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10 Construction (91) 100
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