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"Year After Year , A Great Cigar!"
What is there to say other than these are super great ! I've been smoking these guys since around 89 . These and the Maduro Rothchild are just excellent ! If you like these , try the Hoyos also :
John in Fannin County Georgia June 13, 2014
"I wish I could get these in Europe."
I have been smoking Punch cigars since I was in the Army, 26 years. I was introduced to these early and I have never strayed too far. I have tried a bit of everything, and I mostly smoke Cubans here in Europe. Whenever I visit the U.S., or someone visits me, I always resupply myself with, at least, 200 of these dusky beauties. The are the best bang for the buck anywhere. Frankly, in recent years Cubans have been slipping. I think I now prefer the Punch to almost any, non vintage, Cuban I have smoked in the last few years. Light one up and enjoy.
Blake in Budapest, Hungary April 10, 2013
"my favorite cigar"
never had a bad one... rich taste always even burn...definiately one of my top 3, a great daily smoke
shane in Mt. Pleasant SC April 8, 2013
"Very good!"
Keep in mind I've only had one of these, which came with a sampler, but I have to say it is either my second favorite so far, or a tie for first. My favorite is the CAO Gold Maduro. I'm going to get more of these soon!
Brian in Kentucky November 5, 2010
i have been smoking since my navy days this is the best cigar by far i have smoked. found it in a little cigar store back in 2000 and haven't stopped.
r.rakauskas in MA January 8, 2010
"A bit over-hyped"
I bought a box of fifty, based on the reviews.... I would have rather smoked the money. Out of 50 cigars, 39 were unsmokable because they were rolled wayyyyy too tight.Even after a month in the box, absolute driftwood. I will never buy these again, and I would warn you to be wary. Too many other good deals out here to buy a name with little or no game. Don't say no one never told ya!
Rod in Ohio June 16, 2008
"A Gem! My daily smoke..."
The best little oscuro you can get your hands on! Full flavor from end to end and one of the best values in cigars today.
John in Sunrise Beach, Texas November 28, 2007
Being relativel new to cigar smoking, I still like to dabble and check out other brands. Knowing of my preference for the CAO Brazilia Ipanema, a friend recommended the Punch Double Maduro Rotschild. I haven't looked back. This little gem packs quite a punch and has taken over the #1 spot in my humidor!
Ed B in New Jersey October 2, 2005
"Look out boys, here comes a MANLY smoke!"
For those of us in the Punch Double Maduro Rothchild club, there's nothing prettier than 50 of these fresh beauties smuggled up in the humidor. We know how luxurious a smoke the Rothchild is and keep coming back to it again and again for it's dark, oily wrapper, it's robust flavor and it's lengthy finish that so often burns the fingers. At around $2 a stick you just can't beat it. And at 30 minutes a smoke, it times out perfectly with a ribeye on the grille. Ain't life grand!
Tim J in Indian Wells, CA. October 1, 2005
"Punch Rothchild (Oscuro)"
Rich! Bold! and spicy! a definite heavyweight amongst premium brands!Very affordable price!
E.Sellers in Santa Clarita,Ca. December 14, 2003
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10 Construction (89) 100
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