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"Excellent Value"
Excellent cigar, well made, consistent burn, absolutely marvelous taste from beginning to end. This is going to be my new favorite. Go buy it and never look back...
Jax in SLC,Utah November 30, 2014
"Nice smoke considering the price."
It s hard to argue with filling your humidor for twenty bucks twenty-five with economy shipping . At about a dollar apiece depending on your shipping preference, I don t think you ll be too disappointed. The cigars burn mostly clean although they don t burn very consistently. If yours burns unevenly, use a torch to singe the wrapper on the uneven part and it usually evens out. The draw is perfect and I haven t had a problem with fragments getting in my mouth any more than with higher-quality cigars. Appearance is predictable for a cheaper brand but it doesn t look all that low-quality. The taste is excellent for the price although definitely not what you d expect from an eight- or nine-dollar smoke. Not harsh but not too smooth, either, the best thing I can compare the taste to is a mid-range Macanudo. Construction is the main problem. I can t find anything regarding the type of filler, but if it s long filler it definitely isn t 100% long filler, very stemmy. Definitely worth it for the price, but if you re expecting something fantastic you re going to be disappointed. I bought a bundle of twenty to fill a new humidor and I haven t had cause to regret it yet, but I can t say I d recommend them if you re a cigar snob. If what you want is a cheap, enjoyable smoke you ll probably be satisfied. I d advise adding a single to your regular order if you re the skeptical type and don t want to get stuck with a bunch of cigars you don t like. If anything, it s worth trying.
Stefan in Raleigh, NC October 24, 2014
"Good value"
Good value. Decent construction and burn for the price point.
Brian in Lakewood, Co December 30, 2013
"Good value"
Good value. Decent construction and burn for the price point.
Brian in Lakewood, Co December 30, 2013
"Good Stick"
Just a good cigar, nothing special just an all around good stick.
Aaron in KY November 5, 2013
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10 Consistency 100
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10 Draw 100
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10 Appearance 100
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10 Taste 100
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10 Construction 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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