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Quorum Classic Reviews

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Quorum Classic Double Gordo
"You can do better"
I had high hopes for this cigar but was very disappointed. The tobacco is too loosely packed for my taste. Almost grassey and made me feel a little nauseous. Very good draw and way too earthly and no change in taste. The wrapper is border line flimsy. Nice appearance for a fat cigar. A punch cutter would be best for this type of cigar. For the price you can do much better. I would not buy it again.
Steve in Hagerstown, MD April 7, 2014
Quorum Classic Robusto
"Very Good cigar"
These are pretty good, a good burn all the way through until getting to the end. Keep them in a box for several days before smoking them after they arrive.
Fernando in Austin, TX February 24, 2014
Quorum Classic Corona
"Good Cheapie"
This isn't an award winner here, but it's a good buck a stick cigar. Nice flavor mostly just tobacco and a medium strength. Construction and burn are above average for the price range. The almost always seem a tad soft, but with a nice easy draw.
Jason in Ohio February 1, 2014
Evolution by Rocky Patel
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