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RabbitAir MinusA2 Air Purifier Reviews [view details]

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"Works like a charm."
I picked one up in January for smoking indoors during the winter months. After turning the unit on I immediately noticed a difference in air quality and that's even before I lit up. My first trial was with a full bodied cigar. The machine performed wonderfully. On the auto setting, the unit noticed the air impurities at once and adjusted itself accordingly. The air quality sensor changed from blue to red and changed the fan speed to high. The room was cleaned and no smoke was lingering. The activated charcoal filter took care of the smell in about 2 days time. No evidence of a cigar being smoked was noticeable. I leave the unit on all the time to keep my apartment air clean. It is very low maintenance with filter only needing to be replaced once a year. The only thing is once a month the front filter and the air sensor need to be cleaned. It is very simple to use and in auto mode you don't even hear it running. I think it is a great buy.
Scott in Havertown June 22, 2011