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Rabid Rhino Reviews [view details]

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"Worst cigar ever."
A few things come to mind... Sometimes trying something new doesn t work out so well. This is one of those times. If you too are contemplating these cigars in the spirit of trying something new... trust me, try something else. One might say the $19.95 price tag was a warning just as obvious as a blinking label on the bundle declaring These Are Gonna Suck . Fair enough I suppose. I took a shot... and missed. Sometimes good deals can be found in cheaper cigars. Maybe $19.95 is *too* cheap these days. That said, I m a little surprised that Famous would risk whatever reputation they think they have as a marketer of fine cigars by selling cigars such as these. So buyer beware... Famous will sell you ridiculously bad cigars just as gleefully as a back alley hawker in a tourist trap. At least Famous has a return policy...
Jake the Muss in Cleveland, OH July 22, 2014
"Lousy Construction"
Flavor is OK for the money but the construction is lousy. Loose roll, terrible burn and half of the bundle I received fell apart before I finished them. I bought this as an suggested add-on to a bundle of Famous Nic's I purchased, should have declined that offer.
Ron M in Southern California July 30, 2013
"Suprisingly good!"
Honestly, I'm still new to cigars (smoked ten or so highly rated cigars) but this stick smoked much better than what others are saying about this line. Maybe I got lucky and maybe you will, too.
Derek Riley in Atlanta July 15, 2013
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