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Rafael Gonzalez Reviews

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Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdale
Good taste n burn good
nausej in New York June 16, 2014
Rafael Gonzalez Robusto
"A Truly Classic Hondouran Robusto!"
what a great smoke! a maker with a great history! this maker created the Lonsdale size for the Earl of Lonsdale in the 1930 s! the Hondouran Robusto was given to me in a sampler pack from my son on Thanksgiving day, and out of five cigars this one impressed me the most. I love Maduros, but Connecticut shade wrapped cigars have always been tasty to me as a mild alternative. this Hondouran robusto is not only medium bodied, but it changes notes frequently as you smoke! each and every cigar burns beautifully, and I have truly found my GO TO Connecticut shade Robusto! Thanks again Famous Smokes!!!!!!!
pete lang in stanhope NJ December 17, 2013
Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdale
NEIL in L.I. N.Y. October 11, 2013
Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdale
"A pleasant smoke"
Not bad considering I got this as a free add-on to my order. Pretty nice burn and a light, yet thick smoke. Good for drinking outside with friends where quality of what you're smoking shouldn't matter
Devon in Radford, VA October 4, 2012
Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdale
"Smooth taste"
Very smooth slow Burn Nice mild taste Nice Morning Smoke with Coffee
wilfredo in New York September 4, 2012
Rafael Gonzalez Churchill
Mild Smoke Average Burn Burns real well Draw Good Taste OK
Wilfredo in New York September 2, 2012
Rafael Gonzalez Churchill
"Not very Impressed"
I bought these because they on sale and included them with what I was ordering. They were a little bland and lacked character in my opinion. That being said they were pretty smooth to smoke.
Steven in Washington State July 23, 2012
Rafael Gonzalez Churchill
"inconspicuously light at first, building to a..."
Got a fiver offered in an on line Father's Day special I couldn't pass up. The Churchill's were added in by default. Needdless to say, after a couple of weeks stored at a steady 70% RH... My quiriosity got the best of me. Not really a huge fan of the "natural", though there have been a few here and there by the likes of Padilla/RP, and everyone's fav. J. Drew. So I'm a bit spoiled, so needles to say, these just didn't measure up. Defenitly, not anywhere near as the afore mentioned by any stetch, though that don't mean they're terrible. There's really NO such thing as a terrible vitola LOL. That's my $0.02 here, but I'm more of a full flavor fan. So...
splattttttt in MASS June 21, 2012
Rafael Gonzalez Double Corona 5 Pack
not good construction usually and does not really look good or burn even for a small ring. I will smoke all I can get.
david in arizona December 17, 2011
Rafael Gonzalez Churchill
Just brilliant every time. A soft and unique but flavourable taste.
roy.r in UK August 13, 2011
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