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Rafael Gonzalez Reviews

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Rafael Gonzalez Robusto
"excellent taste but must age for at least 2 months"
excellent smooth tasting cigar. but must age in humidor for at least two months. will buy again when on sale
carl in florida October 27, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Toro
"Not bad mild cigar"
Received a 5 pack free and smoked one tonight after it had been equilibrated for a few days. Nice looking cigar, draw and burn were flawless. Pretty mild, tasted mainly Dominican to me. Not a bad smoke for what I paid ;-).
SeanGAR in Virginia July 20, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra
"No wonder it was free..."
Although the burn was fine, the draw was like sucking on a straw from a glass filled with DuPont's finest chemicals. This was a total loss...kept waiting for it to improve but half-way through I had to put it out of its misery. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and try it after a couple months in the humidor...or pawn it off on some unsuspecting buddy:o)
Shawn in Chicago July 14, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Toro
"Very Poor Draw"
I smoked one from a sampler pack. I also experienced a poor draw which made the smoking experience unpleasant.
George in Cleveland July 13, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Toro
"My Lungs Are Tired"
The RG Toro Natural is the worst drawing cigar I have ever smoked, period. The taste, though not objectionable, was also un-inspiring. It burned well, and stayed lit for as long as I struggled to get smoke through it, which was about 1/2 of the cigar. Worth noting is the fact that my wife, who normally likes the aroma of a good cigar (yes, I am blessed) commented "What is that? It's giving me a headache." I swear she actually said it. Don't waste your money, unless your diaphragm needs a good workout, and then don't bother lighting it.
Mick in Lakewood May 30, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra
"I agree with Omaha..... worst drawing cigar ever.."
The box looked fine, the cigars looked great. I unwrapped the first one to sample and went cross-eyed trying to draw my first puff...... I closed the box up and got a refund.
Bob B in Austin May 21, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Rafaelito (6)
"Very Nice little cigar"
I got these as a freebie from Famous with my last order...Very good little cigar..Nice taste,good burn..worth a try!!!
Anthony in Baghdad Iraq May 3, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Corona Extra
"Tasted like a used Phillies blunt!"
Horrible! Tasted like a used Phillies blunt! Ok, maybe not THAT bad because I don't actually know what a used Phillies blunt tastes like, but to put it politely-it was MUCH worase than a Phillies blunt.
Dave in Florida March 4, 2008
Rafael Gonzalez Churchill
"Nose burner with little taste"
Can't understand all the reviews about mild & smooth. The ones I've smoked are acidic and bland. Don't care for this cigar at all.
btg in Michigan December 30, 2007
Rafael Gonzalez Double Corona
wanted to try after seeing reviews and FS hype. caps rip off when cut, not a lot of smoke and taste couldn't get honorable mention if they paid for it. maybe i just don't appreciate expensive cigars, but is seems like i'm more satisfied with less hyped name brands and private labels.
bob seaman in ny December 1, 2007
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