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Rafael Gonzalez Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Got a hernia drawing off this one"
This cigar looks nice...but after I got it lit, I felt like I just ran a 2 mile race to get a good draw. Real tight, horrible draw. Got a little better as I smoked it, but over all I would avoid this. If the draw would have been good, I would have reccomended it. It tasted good, but again, I was winded trying to get a good draw.
Steven in Omaha March 25, 2007
"Nice and smooth"
Very smooth if not too much so. Faultless really and the same from start to finish,which was surprising but not boring. Allows time to think over a good tea or coffee with no unpleasant after taste.
CreekEnd in UK December 18, 2006
"a long lasting cigar"
I have only smoked one of these cigars.I got it in a sampler pack .In my opinion it dosnt have enough flavor.The flavor it has is very good but its not quiet enough.The construction is superb,the burn is even,the draw is perfect. Its a good tight cigar ,that will last for almost two hours .The price is very resonable , and if it had a little more flavor,I would switch over to this cigar in a minute.But like I said,I have only smoked one .
James Cole in Alabama November 24, 2006
"Good mild bodied smoke"
Got this in a sampler pack. Liked it from the start. Perect burn and ash. Nice smooth taste and aroma. Very nice
Ronnie in NC October 21, 2006
Got this as part of a sampler bundle. It looks good, it smells good but the taste is a little sharp. I agree with the earlier assessment that it starts out harsh but settles down after a while. Problem is it settles down to tasting pretty bland. Not my favorite.
Boxtakilla in Irvine, CA May 24, 2006
"great smoke, great value"
This moderately priced cigar has a draw and a taste of a much more expensive one. Rich thick smoke, firm silvery ash, sweet cedary taste. What's not to like? Did not canoe at all, did not turn "ammonia" even though it's not an "aged" cigar. Very consistent. Excellent value. Highly recommended.
Steve in Colorado April 5, 2006
"Bad experience, despite other reviews"
The RG is a nice looking cigar that starts with a sharp but nondescript flavor and settles down within the first inch to a steady, somewhat boring filler dominated experience. (There's a hint of spice, but nothing much.) The wrapper has a pleasant aroma, which is almost entirely overwhelmed. The construction is miserable – the filler was a wad in a single U-shaped fold which burned into a canoe almost immediately, curling the ash off to one side. No amount of rotating would keep it even. Cutting it and starting over produced the exact same result. Are they all like this? But with the dull flavor, why bother to find out?
Overworked in CA February 21, 2006
I LOVE THIS CIGAR. Rafael Gonzalez has really snuck up on me and has quickly become one of my favorite cigars. A smooth, very well balanced, mild to medium experience, it is best enjoyed with your favorite coffee and a slight suggestion of cream. Rafael Gonzalez will definitely make a difference in your day. Whether it's morning, afternoon, or evening, I look forward to it every time.
JHS in New York, NY November 8, 2005
"Excellent value"
Living in Mtl we have access to all kinds of Cuban sticks but by far the value lies in well-made Honduran & Nicaraguan alternatives which I have little or no local access to....until I found Famous. By far the RG is perhaps the best value for your dollar I have ever experienced ! Been a smoker for 12 years now & turned more friends onto this product than I can remember! Keep up the excellent service/product availability.
Kevin S. in Montreal February 27, 2005
"consistant, smooth, good draw."
Very good cigar Happy with the overall quality.
Phillip Brunetto in Pinellas County Florida September 25, 2004
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