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"A Truly Classic Hondouran Robusto!"
what a great smoke! a maker with a great history! this maker created the Lonsdale size for the Earl of Lonsdale in the 1930 s! the Hondouran Robusto was given to me in a sampler pack from my son on Thanksgiving day, and out of five cigars this one impressed me the most. I love Maduros, but Connecticut shade wrapped cigars have always been tasty to me as a mild alternative. this Hondouran robusto is not only medium bodied, but it changes notes frequently as you smoke! each and every cigar burns beautifully, and I have truly found my GO TO Connecticut shade Robusto! Thanks again Famous Smokes!!!!!!!
pete lang in stanhope NJ December 17, 2013
"Aged 8 years or more"
was digging around in the humi - organizing due to a new shipment I had gotten in and found one of these buried amongst my stock. "where the heck did I get this?" I wondered ... "dont even recall ever having one before" ... so, I decided to give it a go .. as I lit it up and pondered how old this stick must be I was very pleasantly surprised within the first few puffs ... now, being in the last third of this stick I decided to go looking to buy more, which lead me here. I was a little disappointed to see some of the worse reviews but, tastes are subjective. Through the course of the stick I figured out that it has to have been in my humi for at least 8 years, so Im not sure if thats why its so good or not. At any rate Im goiing to order some more and find out. To me, this is a cigar worth having a few floating in the humi. Very nice all around and very tasty, still looked great, smoked great, etc., and I was surprised to see the price, I expected it would be at least an 8-10 dollar stick or more. I just had a cohiba dot two nights ago and I tell you this smoke rivaled it and I would venture to say beat it, in this case at least... again, not sure about the aging aspect, but if thats the case .. I think I will stash a few in my humi and put a note on them "do not touch for at least 5 years". Down to the nub and burning fingers now .. so ... cheers all.
Ted in PA September 1, 2010
"Rafael Gonzalez Robusto"
Got this in a sampler pack and was very disappointed. This cigar was tight from the time I lit it. Tossed it in the trash after 5 long minutes.
Wayne in California August 28, 2009
Nice appearance, construction, burn and draw, but absolutely flavorless.
Joe in Indiapolis January 27, 2009
These sat in my humi for only 10 days before I lit one up. This stick was more than I expected. Smooth taste all the way with a wee bit of canoeing (no biggie) The cap held up well to my bite. Like 'em! I hereby nominate these Robustos for the Monster Deal of the Day...c'mon FSS. Second my motion! :)
Vectorer in Kalamazoo Tower January 1, 2009
"good cigar"
I've enjoyed every one I've smoked..
Charlie in Richmond,VA December 29, 2008
"excellent taste but must age for at least 2 months"
excellent smooth tasting cigar. but must age in humidor for at least two months. will buy again when on sale
carl in florida October 27, 2008
"The best cigar available in this price range."
Disclaimer: I prefer and enjoy milder stogies. Regardless, RG has always delivered consistentcy with a smooth draw, even burn and what I guess you'd call a mellow, nutty flavor leaving a pleasant aftertaste (and that lovely white ash rarely requires a tray before an inch has been puffed - a telling mark of quality build.) I don't say it can totally compete head-to-head with the boutique Lincoln or Hamilton-eaters but it may be the best you can get for two or three Washingtons.
Bitumen in Noble County, IN November 27, 2007
"Love at first light!"
Got this in a sampler, and it was my favorite new discovery. The delicious, hazelnut and floral flavor started strong, but settled and lasted. The aroma was a big plus--for once, the wife didn't complain about the smell! The draw was near perfect, perhaps a bit easy. The burn was pretty darn uneven, but I greatly enjoyed the smoke, nonetheless. I'm going to try the Corona Extra--perhaps a slightly trimmer version will burn more evenly.
Jerry in Connecticut May 21, 2007
"Very Underrated Cigar"
Smoked one from the FSS 15-brand sampler. This is a cigar you can roll out of bed in the morning and smoke on an empty stomach and still get great flavor! The aroma and taste of nuts dominates. Didn't have any problems with the draw and it burned evenly. There will be a box making its way to my humidor soon.
Gregg in Concord, NH April 20, 2007
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