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"Sometimes the Best, Sometimes the Worst"
This can be an excellent smoke, but all too often it is not because of very inconsistent construction. The cigar end varied from 34 to 10. I tried 2 boxes, 100 cigars, and found about 1/4 would be so tightly rolled that they were very difficult to draw. Others are so loose they fall apart. I smoke to relax, not to fight with a cigar. I'm searching for an alternative. P.S. I don't find the same problem with the Deputies.
Tom in Cloquet, MN October 14, 2014
"My Go to Cigar"
This is the cigar of choice for off road out of the way adventure where a dry cured machine rolled cigar packs well and trumps the hand rolled high maintenance humidor queen. I can light up in the middle of northern Nevada wilderness while prospecting or in the back country of Montana and Idaho while fishing and am assured of a smooth tasting cigar that pairs just right with a cup of cowboy coffee or a draw off of a bottle of cinnamon whiskey. Have taken these to Spain and bribed my way into areas to treasure hunt that would have been so off limits. As good as currency there. This cigar is well suited for and so appreciated by men of adventure.
Karl in Florida December 9, 2013
"Pleasant rotation with De Nobili"
As a daily Di Nobili smoker, bourbon basted Ramrods are a very pleasant change in rotation. I am not a fan of flavored cigars, but the bourbon on these is not over bearing. They go well with a drink in the evening. For me, not so much as a morning coffee cigar. I use the cut in half technique to get 2 cigars ~ 3.25" long out of one.
Cal in Twin falls, ID July 4, 2013
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