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Simply the best humidor around!
Raz in Israel September 20, 2013
"Best humidor I have"
This thing is gorgeous! The quality is excellent. It seals well and I have never had an issue with humidity. Constantly stays at a comfortable 73. I keep all my premium cigars in there and use my old one for the cheap samplers I use for giveaways. The drawers open and close smoothly and are great for lighters, cutters and my calibration kit. I would recommend adding one 72* boveda pack in addition once it starts to fill up. If you are just getting into cigars start with this humidor and you will never need to buy another. I was shocked how quickly I filled up my 100 count.
Paul in Boston May 18, 2013
"I have 9 humidors and it is the best of all."
Tight seal and holds at 68 to 70% always. Great Humi!
Dane in East Tennessee February 16, 2013
"Love it!"
Love this humidor, seasoned right up in no time and is holding humidity wonderfully. It really does look better in person as others have said in their comments. Love the drawers on the bottom for all of my accessories and the rack and deep chest. Lock works great as well, seals wonderfully and keeps my cigars perfect. Using it with the included humidifiers and a gel jar.
Austin in Michigan January 10, 2013
"Picture does not show the beautiful burl finish"
I was worried how the finish would look ;because the picture shows no detail. The chestnut brown burl finish is just beautiful.The hardware is brilliant gold and is quality made. the cedar is clear and silky smooth. My wife took one look and wants to turn it into a Jewelry box- BACK OFF! Its for Cigars only!!!
Jim L. in San Diego April 13, 2012
"Best Deal Out There"
I bought this humidor after filling up a 100 count I thought I could never fill up when I first got into cigars. If you are a first time humidor buyer, BUY THIS HUMIDOR!! First and foremost, For the money, you can't beat it. It seems big at first, but humidors need air. If you buy a 100ct humidor, it will realistically only about 70 sticks and if you get close to that, the humidity will be hard to maintain because there is no air flow. All the moisture will be injected into your top layer that lays right up against your humidifier I keep about 150 sticks in this humidor and it works perfect and hold humidity flawlessly. Instead of hanging the humidifiers from the lid, i keep them on the bottom facing up and lay a boveda pack on top of them. This keep the boveda pack from drying out but also regulates the humidity. I have the same boveda packs 6 months old that are still fresh and full of moisture doing it this way. The point is, this box is big enough to allow you to experiment with different humidification methods, cigar layouts etc. for the same price and one 1/3 the size. I have been beyond satisfied and would recommend this to even a novice cigar buyer with a small collection.
Landon in Winchester Virginia March 30, 2012
"Great buy"
The Ravello is well constructed Humidor, and although it does not fit exactly 300 of the size of cigar I smoke, it is well worth the money! I smoke a 52 ring size, and it fits about 220 cigars. the only thing I don't care for are the humidifiers. add a 250 ct xikar humidifier, and you will be set! I would recommend this box to anyone that loves to collect and smoke the finest cigars!
Mike in Dowagiac February 11, 2012
"worth every penny spent!"
this box fits about 1/2 advertised capacity like every other humidor does. it depends on the size of your cigars and what else you put in it. looks more expensive than it is, and it works great!
greg in Harrisburg, Pa. area November 28, 2011
"Wonderful look and construction"
This is my first Humidor and I could not be happier. The burl and the fine finish are outstanding. The inside of the humidor is spanish cedar and seems to be very well constructed. With care I expect this item to last a very long time. The hygrometer had to be calibrated, but the instructions for this were included. It comes with 2 rectangular foam filled humidifiers, that I plan to replace one day soon, but the ones that came with it are working just fine. My overall rating for this is 4 stars with five being the highest, since the only things I mentioned can be changed. The cigars have to be piled up to get close to 200 in it. Great construction, fit and finish for the Humidor itself. I would recommend this product for someone else.
Alton Stubblefield in Oklahoma, USA August 10, 2011
"Great humidor but..."
I have been using this humidor for about a week now and have been impressed by it's quality construction and it's finish. One reviewer said he didn't like the gaps in the interior wood pieces. Those gaps were to allow expansion without warping. Now, with that said, I hate the included accessories. The hygometer was uncalibratable,(I know, not a word). The slot in the "adjustment" screw was too small to even allow access from one of my small precision screwdrivers. I disassembled it to attempt to adjust it only to find that the adjustment screw is attached directly to the post that is also connected to the expand/contract coil,(i.e. not calibratable). Second, the glue on the humidifier's magnet surfaces didn't hold. I've had to apply/reapply two sided tape to attempt to get them to stay on the lid. A frustrating experience so far.
Scott in Indiana April 14, 2011