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"300 cigars?"
Nice sized box and seems to be of reasonable quality. Good exterior finish and has a tight seal, but holding 200 average sized cigars is all you can hope for.
John C in So Cal March 23, 2011
"Large and in Charge"
Hands down the best you can buy for your money. This is large, and holds all my cigars with room to grow. Well built!!
Mike Grasso in East Coventry, PA March 17, 2011
"None Better"
I've had my Ravello humi about three years now. The 300ct. is if you smoke small ring cigars. 50 ring size and up, you get about 140 sticks in there. However, they will always be fresh sticks. Everything about this humi from it's design to the way it works is top notch. So if your ready to step up, you can't go wrong here. EXCELLENT.
K.Vito B in USA November 3, 2010
"In a word.. Fresh"
I didn't know what a fresh cigar was until the Ravello Humi. If you smoke the bigger rings, 175 ct., is about right. Great seal for consistant humidity for max freshness. Three years now of smoking bliss. Best humi purchase i've ever made. You can't go wrong here. So if the need presents itself.....get one, none better.
K. Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. April 29, 2010
"Build quality not so good"
This humidor gets the job done. Good luck getting 300 cigars in there--200 is more realistic. The veneer on this box is pretty thin, and the cedar lining on mine had big gaps at the corner. I repaired it by jamming toothpicks into the gaps to fill them. I put a cigar oasis in my humidor and it is maintaining the proper humidity. Was hard to keep the humidity up using the standard foam humidifier, even though I had several of them in the box. If you want a big humidor for cheap, this one is okay, but if you want quality look elsewhere.
Les in Korea November 30, 2008