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Reserva Decadencia Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Excellent to the last draw"
Great cigar, casual smoker after dinner on the course .This had a pleasant aroma ,smooth to the end. Only dislike the double band always a issue.
Martyn in Palm Springs April 13, 2013
"Great after dinner stick"
Agree with Erick in San Angelo, TX. This is a really fine way to end a nice evening meal. It's not an inexpensive stick, so best for special occasions. Beautifully packaged. Available in a Churchill or Robusto. I've enjoyed the Robusto.
Giles in Bradenton September 4, 2010
I am not a guy that likes flavored sticks, but this is an exception. I tried one of these and it was something else. The taste of the port wine was true on the first to the last draw. The smoke was thick and had a sweet aroma. This is not a cigar that I would have on a regular basis, but it's nice to have on an evening, after a big meal. You have to get some!!!
Erick in San Angelo, TX April 20, 2008
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10 Construction (95) 100
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