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Rigoletto Reviews

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Rigoletto Black Jack
"A Good Smoke"
I used to buy these in 5 packs at the food store . Like a good many cigars with homogenized binder , they get that off taste at some point [ at least to me ] . However , the off taste appears far enough down while the majority of the cigar is pretty good ! It starts off kinda chocolaty and stays in one dimension till the end . All in all a good smoke , especially for the money ! The Black Arrow is good too as well as the Rigoletto Dominican , which are better .
John in Fannin County Georgia June 13, 2014
Rigoletto Black Magic
"Great Smelling Cigar That Has Not Changed a Bit ."
I first tried these many years ago and they were quickly one of my favorites for their unique fragrance. They are still exactly same as they were years ago and I still love them ,however, they used to be less than half the price they are now. I cant stand to spend that much knowing what I used to pay for them but every once in a while someone will get me a box for my birthday or Christmas and I savor every last one of them.
kyle in tampa February 3, 2014
Rigoletto Black Jack
"Great everyday smoke"
Great everday smoke, perfect for the long day on the sound striper fishing. A perfect 85+ rating with a great draw and the taste I expect from a much more expensive cigar. I always wind up smoking them to the nub and they never smoke hot. I started buying these in my local durg store in the four pack and found them very dry but the taste was still good. Bought a box placed them in my humidor for a month and wow! what a difference. P.S. My Grand Father who live in Florida would drive to the very source to buy these and he knew his stuff. He's gone now 25 years but every time I smoke one I feel like he's right here having a smoke with me. Try a few it just might become your everyday favorite.
East River Ang in Bronx NY on the waterfront December 28, 2012
Rigoletto Palma Grande
"Rolled to tight."
Cigars have a good mild flavor if you can smoke them. So far I've tried about 20 cigars and all are rolled so tight I can't smoke them. Won't buy again.
Bobby Pugh in MI October 29, 2012
Rigoletto Black Jack
"Black Jacks are an old friend"
I've been enjoying cigars for over 10 years, and Black Jack was my first happy discover. It is a consistent, well constructed, dark beauty that I have never been afraid to smoke even around some of my boutique smoking brothers in arms. I knew I had picked the right go-to cigar, when walking through a humidor in New Orleans I spotted a solitary yellow box tucked a top a shelf of bundled custom handrolls. The humidor 5 pack can't be bear for convienence either. Keep up the good work.
Scott W in Camp Al Asad Iraq October 21, 2011
Rigoletto Dominican Light
"A nice light cigar"
After 17 years and I have started to smoke this brand once again. I have found that it has not changed one bit from when I smoked them befor.
Bob in Seabrook Island, SC May 28, 2011
Rigoletto Black Jack
"Best Fishin' Cigar for the money"
Excellent taste as you smoke one end and chew the other. Exceptional burn & draw, long lasting and I find it difficult to head for the creek without several in my shirt pocket. Never a burn out or burn thru.
PA Dave in Central PA February 2, 2009
Rigoletto Dominican Light
"very good light cigar"
I enjoy the Dominican Light Cigar...a good smoke every time. They are very consistent from one to another. It is a good light cigar which burns evenly, with good taste and appearance.
Larry Nixon in GA December 13, 2006
Rigoletto Dominican Light
"I Would not smoke again"
I did not enjoy this cigar. The construction was poor and tough to light. Although a good draw, it was a very light cigar, too light for me.
Gregg in NH October 27, 2005
Rigoletto Dominican Dark
"Okay....but found better for the price"
I smoked the first Rigoletto Dark and liked it. Smooth draw, even burn, and light bodied, almost too light at times. Thought it would be a good bundle cigar until I saw the price. Its a great cigar, but you can find better for the price you pay.
Robbie in Maryland July 30, 2005
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