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Rocky Patel 9 Select Cigars Reviews [view details]

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"Decade, Rennisance"
Decade, and Rennisance are always in the Duck blind, in the drift boat, in the fly fishing vest or being smoked on the porch of the Cabin. Coupled with a nice single malt Scotch and life is good! Thanks for the memories Rocky!
Matt Shaver in Portland,MI February 11, 2011
The 90, 92 and the Decade are some of the best!!! Have not smoked the others.
Kyle M. in Texas April 25, 2009
"RP are some of the best, and myfavorites"
Mick, I have never had a bad Rocky, the 99's are 1# and I love the edge also. You must have gotten a bad batch or your taste buds are messed up. RP's are a stick worth trying.
Scotty in Niles ,Ohio November 28, 2008
Mick must have gotten a bad batch. Maybe they sat on the UPS truck too long? These are simply some of the best tasting cigars I've had. I never would have tried half of these if not for this sampler deal. Each one has burned perfectly so far, are all well constructed and have just been a downright pleasure to smoke. I may still buy some Padrons here and there, but I'm all about RP from now on.
Jesse in New York July 18, 2008
"Don't Waste Your Money"
These must be the rejects or seconds from the factory. So far I have only smoked 3 out of the 9 and all have been horrible. Hard-to-impossible draw, won't stay lit and all the other cigars in the same humidor have no trouble burning evenly. The flavor turns bitter and chemical (??? very bizarre) after about an inch and a half. If you want to try Rocky Patel, don't blame me, I tried to warn you. I will never waste any more money on RP. On the other hand I bought some Don Tomas and Punch in another sampler and they have all been truly excellent. Particularly the flavor of the Punch Grand Cru. I actually said "Wow" out loud after a couple of puffs on the Punch. My wife said "Wow, what's wow? You never said wow about a cigar before!" And they cost less than the RPs.
Mick in Lakewood May 9, 2008
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