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Rocky Patel Accessories And Samplers Reviews

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Rocky Patel Vintage Toro 6 Cigar Sampler
"some hits some misses"
The vintage assortment is presented in a nice gift package although some of the vintage blends are better than the others.
mk in Chciago August 14, 2014
'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler # 3
"I've had better Rockys"
A buddy introduce me to cigars by giving me a RP Olde World Reserve. I was hooked. I bought these in 2012 along with my first humidor. Not knowing much about cigars I thought a sampler of Patels would all be great. Since then I found I love Rocky's OWR and all the Edge series. In this sampler I thought a couple these were ok. The Cuban blend was decent but that's about it. Good for new smokers to try different cigars.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
Rocky Patel 5 Pack Sampler
"Ummmm OK"
I like Rocky Patel's cigars for the most part. This sampler is so-so (haven't gotten this particular sampler but have smoked the cigars included) compared to Rocky's "main line cigars, i.e. the 90, 92, 99, Decade Edge, Lite etc. Price point is a redeeming factor tho although there are better samplers here if you get them priced low enough. I always have Decades. 90's and Edge Lites in my humi.
Charlie in Easton Pa March 17, 2013
'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler #1
"Good RP Taste Test"
I am a fan of RP's. From what I have read most people either love or hate em. If you like Rockys then this lets you taste his some from his large selection
Philip in Gainesville, GA December 22, 2012
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"Excellent selection"
I took these as a special offered...figured, "why not?"...they were absolutely enjoyable. Actually much better than the crappy RP Edge Torpedos I bought. I would recommend this little sampler.
Rich in SoCal May 4, 2012
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"I agree"
this is a great deal for the quality of smokes you get.. Thank you Famous
DonB in Suffolk VA February 23, 2012
Rocky Patel Super 60's Sampler
"Not so great..."
I bought 3 of these samplers on auction for approx 27$ each. I was extremely disappointed in the quality of these cigars. I had cracks and or holes in a few of them prior to lighting (vintage 99's and vintage 90's) and they were all very bitter tasting by the time i hit what should have been the "sweet spot". I've smoked the vintage 90's, 92's and the Sungrown's individually before and I loved 'em, however the ones that came with this sampler were absolutely disgusting. I feel like what I received was second rate and not a real representation of what I have smoked previously. I will NOT be buying anymore Rocky's after this. Dunno if it's just the sampler here or if it's just all the Rocky gear that's taken a dive, but I was not impressed at all.
Eric in MN February 13, 2012
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"We should be ashamed"
Getting 12 sticks this good for less than $20 should be illegal. My only problem with them is that I like them so much I keep smoking them. Time to re-order again.
Michael in Shelby, NC January 28, 2012
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
This was nice deal on this sampler. Nicely packed and shipped, the VUDU is really good as well as the signature series!! This is a re-buy!!
Rocky in Houston, Texas January 24, 2012
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 8 Cigar Sampler #2
"APC is in no way a "true" Rocky Patel"
All the other cigars in this sampler were very good EXCEPT the Amilcar Perez Castro. That particular one has: No flavor, draw is weak, burns uneven. They must have swept this up off the floor. Complex? Please! you're better off throwing it away.
Art C. in El Paso, Texas November 21, 2011
Iron Horse
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