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Rocky Patel American Market Selection Reviews

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Rocky Patel American Market Lonsdale 5 pack
"A "95" rating??? I beg to differ..."
I was really expecting..."Awesome"... especially because of the 95 rating...but this one is NOT a 95...not in my book. I think anyone could live with a cigar having a bit of an uneven burn, minor inconsistencies in appearance and even slight draw differences... but if it's lacking a smoothness or a great taste, why bother smoking it??? All factors were great...but it was harsh on the first few draws, but then got smoother. All throughout, it just lacked a nice taste. I bought a 5-pack and the one I smoked rest for about 2 months in my humidor...the other 4 will sleep for quite a bit longer with the hopes of improvements.
MD in NJ March 18, 2013
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto
"Not Impressed"
I purchased this one as part of a mild sampler. Initial impression had me somewhat skeptical because the wrapper was coming apart in 3-4 spots prior to burning. It started off with a really mild but pleasant flavor. Half way through it became pretty bitter. Soon after (60-70%) it started to unravel. Also, the burn was not very consistent. Definitely not a bad cigar it just didn't impress me at all. I will try another and will update this review if my opinion changes.
AJ in La March 8, 2013
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Toro
"Not a 90."
This cigar is not a 90. I expected a lot more. It is so mild that it can barely be tasted. This may be a good smoke for a first timer. It had a great appearance and smell but it was too mild.
Adam in Georgia March 6, 2013
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto
"Feel really NICE!"
One of my Favorites Great taste Makes you feel really NICE!
Wilfred in New York February 11, 2013
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Sixty
"soft, burns hot, burns uneven"
This cigar is soft to the touch. Burns hot and burns uneven.
Kermitt in florida December 8, 2012
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto
"Un-Mellow Fellow"
I was excited to try this RP stick after reading so many reviews regarding it's mellow, creamy flavor. I've burned a few now, and, unfortunately, haven't experienced that yet. This just reminds me of how flavor hits everyone's palate differently, so reviews should also be considered with that in mind (even this one). What I found was a much sharper flavor of spicy, woody tones and pepper. Sometimes I get this at the initial light with certain cigars but they become more tame as I smoke them. That doesn't happen with this one. The flavor is consistent throughout, however, never mellow, which tends to overpower any creaminess that may be lurking underneath. Not a bad smoke if that's what you're looking for but, when expecting something much smoother and leisurely, this one doesn't measure up. Perhaps more seasoning in the humidor will soften this one for me.
Ryan in Phoenix December 3, 2012
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Torpedo
"Buyer beware"
Bought a box....wish it was a single.
Ed in Texas October 17, 2012
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto
I'm just a novice, occasional smoker, but this cigar is so creamy; it's just gets better every puff.
Steve in Dallas, TX September 27, 2012
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto
"Very enjoyable smooth & tasty smoke."
Very well constructed, burn is even, smooth and mild with great flavor. The R P AMS will be my reward cigar. A little too costly for my daily smoke.
Jim Thompson in G.C., South Carolina September 7, 2012
Rocky Patel American Market Selection Double Corona
"good to great"
Great flavor, even burn, long commitment hour and half so a great summer cigar. Only issue was a couple have cracks on the wrapper near the cap. I recon shouldn't be there as my box is at 70% on the nose.
shane in Dallas July 25, 2012
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