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Rocky Patel American Market Selection Double Corona Reviews [view details]

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"good to great"
Great flavor, even burn, long commitment hour and half so a great summer cigar. Only issue was a couple have cracks on the wrapper near the cap. I recon shouldn't be there as my box is at 70% on the nose.
shane in Dallas July 25, 2012
"Good starter"
I just started smoking Cigars as a regular pastime. This is an easy smoke taste is subtle not too strong burns great hardly a touch up needed. This past weekend I worked in the yard and enjoyed this cigar for an hour or more never needed to relight. I will be keeping these around as I develop my palate. Simply put if your looking for something mild that is well constructed give these a try.
Dantheeman in Clovis Ca. November 3, 2011
"The Big Cig"
Smoked a 5- pack of the big rocky Americans. Good construction and easy draw but the flavor on the palate was minimal and vegetal. The smoke has a pleasant smell but the taste just wasn't there for me.
Chris in Oregon October 20, 2011
"Not what I expected"
Well made but flavor profile was not what I expected from the other reviews. No sweetness at all throughout and a rather flat, hay taste. Disappointed.
steven in cary,ill. October 18, 2011
"One of the better Patels."
This is a nice one to light up with friends after a good meal. Rocky Patel is hit or miss and I think this one is a hit.
Yoop in Oklahoma May 1, 2008
"nice and smooth"
picked up a 5-pack of these on auction - my friends and I liked them and will be getting more
Rick in Ontario, Canada April 29, 2008
"Nice Mild & Well Constructed Good Smoke"
Being a Newer Cigar Smoker I've tried a few different companies and have done my share of store brands but I am now Smoking with Rocky. Thanks Famous my local store doesn't stock this Cigar and so far this has been a pleasant enjoyable smoke. Something I can sit down with enjoy a mild smoke and watch my Celtics head towards banner #17.
Finar in Boston Ma April 28, 2008
MATTY in Pennsylvania February 15, 2008
"Mild but really good..."
I usually smoke full bodied maduros exclusively. However, I bought these cigars on a monster deal and I have to tell you. I really love these. The draw is excellent, the smoke gets better and better, with a nice creamy finish. A must try...
B. Dunn in San Diego June 24, 2007
"Nice Surprise"
Very nice draw and a nice even burn. A little fade at the finish, but great cigar overall for the price. Get better as they age a bit. Bought a box blind on Monster Deal and am now sold. If you lock Rocky's but prefer a milder stick, this one is a good one.
Tim in Wisconsin June 23, 2007
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10 Construction (93) 100
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