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Rocky Patel American Market Selection Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Awesome Smoke!!"
I'm still pretty new to the cigar scene but this is one of the best smokes I've had to date. Very smooth with a great taste!
Adam in New Orleans February 7, 2011
"Good Cigar, Not for Everyone"
I picked up one of these in a RP Robusto Sampler. Its my first intro in to the AMS cigar. Going in to it I had an idea of what I could expect. I have to admit, this is not my cup of tea. That being said, there is nothing wrong with this stick. The flavor is there, it is just not as spicy and bold as the cigars I prefer. If you want a nice, mild smoke with some sweet, woody notes, you may love it. To each his own.
Jason in Duluth, GA January 7, 2011
"Best of the Best"
Simply the best. Super creamy. words cannot describe the taste of this top shelf smoke, every serious smoker I know has this on their favorite list and we all keep plenty in the stash for ourselves. Way to good to give away. perfect draw and burn. a perfect 10 in my book. could be cigar of the year. all beginners should try this one so they know what a great mild smoke is.
Ken in Washington July 2, 2010
"threw it away"
Bought the RP AM Robusto for $6.50. It was not good in any way. From the moment I opened the wrapper and stuck the cigar in my mouth I could tell it just tasted wrong. After lighting it it was like a cheap Mexican cigar. Had to stop smoking it after a few tries. Would never buy another one.
Andy in Los Angeles April 9, 2010
"Thoroughly Enjoyable"
I mainly prefer mild cigars, and these were as good as any I've ever smoked! Excellent quality!
Rex in Philly March 11, 2010
"Creamy, nutty, delicious flavor"
I don't usually like mild to medium bodied cigars. Nor do I usually like Connecticut wrappers. When purchasing a couple of boxes of RP Cuban Blend (one of my faves) Famous sent several RP robustos as a bonus. This American Market Selection robusto knocked me out with cream and nuts. The burn was excellent, as was the appearance and draw. I just couldn't stop thinking about how much I enjoyed this cigar; so I ordered a box that has been aging over 6 months now. I'll wait at least another 6 months. I'm expecting very good things. I see why Famous claims it's their best selling box cigar.
Steven F in hot'lanta November 28, 2009
"I thought I despised AMS wrappers until this !!!"
Really was surprised by these puppies. I'm usually into medium and full flavored cigars. I got one of these as part of a Rocky sampler (after already having a love affair with the RP Edge and Old World Maduro). I took a look at this cigar and threw it in the Humi thinking I'd hand it out to someone. This morning as I had my first cup of Joe I opened the humi and saw it staring me in the face and figured what the hell. Now I'm not one of those "vanilla and hints of spice" kind of guys. A gar tastes like bad, ok , good and sometimes really good.These were in the really good range. Smooth without the "green" taste that most CT wrappers display. Burned clean, smelled great and looked nice. I daresay I would order a box of these for my morning smokes.
George in NY November 3, 2009
"Lives up to its reputation"
I read the reviews regularly but have never written one, but I bought a box of these based solely on these reviews (and the great deal being offered by Famous) and I was NOT disappointed. Yes, it is a mild smoke, and I am still finding my preferences in the mild-medium categories. But this stick is gorgeous with a lot of flavor happening. I can't normally describe cigars with "tasting" terms, but I swear I tasted vanilla notes, a mild spice, and a light leather as this gem progressed. I have only smoked 3 different Rockys so far, but this is the first to make me go WOW. Well done.
Bodhidhala in Columbus, OH August 5, 2009
"Very nice..."
Usually smoking medium to full bodied cigars, I got this one in a sampler pack and gave it a try. Very nice looking cigar as are all of Patel's - 'blonde'. The pre-lit fragrance was very light. The cigar didn't feel as tight and packed as normally found with Patel's line. The taste was light and a bit sweet - mellow up until the last inch - very pleasant. I enjoyed this cigar with Gentleman Jack - a nice experience.
Joe in Ottawa Canada August 3, 2009
"Rocky Knows How to Make Them!!"
A bit fast at the start, then it mellows down and has a great smooth flavor. Not overpriced at all. Burned great, amazing draw, looks amazing and never gave a hint of ripping apart. A MUST TRY FOR ALL ROCKY AFICIONADOS!
Kyle in Indiana July 20, 2009
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