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Rocky Patel American Market Selection Torpedo Reviews [view details]

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Burned well, but I wouldn t consider these mild. More towards medium.
Bob B. in NY August 21, 2014
"maybe it will age well?"
Bought a box of these, and they are nothing special. Maybe I need to put them in the humidor for a few months before they mellow out and return some good flavor.
chris in MD September 29, 2009
I won these on the auction and while the price was right and they burn smoothly, the cigars are bitter.
Greg in Houston April 21, 2009
"Great Mild Smoke at a Better Price!"
Got my first box of these and have not been disappointed! This is a great cigar with a cup of coffee first thing to star the day.
Dave in Oceanside CA January 28, 2009
"Take A Walk On The Mild Side!"
This is a great-tasting and beautifully constructed cigar from Maestro Patel! I would say it's on the mild side of medium in body. Got a box of the torpedoes on auction and wish I bought more- will be my new go-to smoke!
Ray H. in Phoenix May 23, 2008
"Great burn , beautiful ash !!"
This cigar has the most beautiful burn and ash formation of any cigar I have ever smoked . I have tried the robusto and torpedo and they are the same and consistant throughout the box . I have been anxious to share and my friends say the same thing . Good job Rocky !!
tjhoov in Crystal Lake May 22, 2008
Superb aroma, excellent flavor, easy draw! This is my new every day favorite.
Busy Child in Chesapeake VA February 29, 2008
"my breakfast"
great mild cigar to have with my morning coffee.
Louis Colgan in CA September 15, 2007
"Needs to be on sale."
Good medium level cigar. Different from tradition crafted cigars (AF, H Upmann, Punch) Rockey Patels are little bit well you know 'as conformed as a big cigarette' They are good but a better buy for an equal and same kind of cigar would be a Gispert. A slight upgrade would be Licenciados.
Claude Pullen in FL August 26, 2007
"Impressive Smoke, a must for any humidor!"
I went out on a limb and ordered a full box before trying one and MAN, was I rewarded!! Upon opening the box the appearance had me right away, almost too good looking to smoke. (I got over that rather quickly though!) I've had almost half of them and the consistency is amazing. The draw has been perfect in all of them so far. The burn is even and consistent. You could almost smoke these to the nub without dropping ash! The flavor is nice with hints of wood and spices with a nice creamy smoke that abounds with every puff of copious smoke. I would rate these on the mild side of medium with a medium to slightly complex flavor. My humidor will never be without a RP American Market Selection Torpedo again.
Stu in St. Louis, Missouri August 23, 2007
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10 Draw (88) 100
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10 Taste (82) 100
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10 Construction (89) 100
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