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Rocky Patel Reviews

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RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"@19.95 this was a STEAL"
All in all a great buy !! The Patel Brothers Next Generation were a bit too spicy, but had a very good finish. The Signature series were a good smoke. My favorites were the APC & VUDU. The APC'S started with a bit of peppery spice them mellowed out to a smooth creamy taste. A little nutty and a little coffee. The finish was excellant. Now my fav was the VUDU and I have ordered more. The VUDU'sstarted with a slight spicy then immediately smoothed to a lot of thick creamy smoke with hints of caramel, coffee, and nuts. The enitre smoke was good and the finish was awesome!
Robert in Virginia October 27, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 8 Cigar Sampler #2
"Fantastic price for this sampler!!!"
Simply stated this was an excellent bargain for some fantastic premium smokes. Enjoyed them all right down to the fingers and found my new go to smoke in the Patel Bros Next generation. OUTSTANDING!!!
Albert in Virginia October 21, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"Another Amazing Deal from Famous!"
To pay twenty bucks for these smokes was almost thievery! Apart from the VUDU, which I found just a bit blah, these are great cigars even at their current sale price (about forty bucks for twelve sticks). I especially enjoyed the Next Gen. and the APC. Not terribly complex, but very consistent and pleasant flavor the whole cigar, with loads of thick smoke! Get this sampler!
Andy W in Northville, MI October 20, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"Great cigars at a great price"
I'm a fan of maduros and these did not let me down. Overall an excellent buy. I am going to buy some more.
Randy J. in Tucson, AZ October 9, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"5 out of 10 at best"
Really wanted to like these. The price was right and the Rocky Patel name used to mean alot to me. I got these and lit one up. Tunneled from the very start. Thought time in the humi would help....WRONG. Can't make these burn even or stay lit. Still have several in the humi but dont know if I will keep them or give them away.
Carey in Rogers Ar October 6, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"Great Buy"
Liked this sampler enough to buy it twice! The construction and burn of these smokes are top notch. If you don't like a FULL flavored cigar stay away from these, they are strong. My favorite out of this sampler was the Vudu. I highly recommend these for the experienced cigar smoker and Maduro lover.
Ron in Sierra Vista, AZ October 4, 2011
Rocky Patel Anthology #1
"taste and size"
This sampler was not quite what I expected the ring gauge was too small I prefer larger ring sizes and a few were partially stale and lacked taste. On a scale from 1-10 I give this one a 3!
d xiang in los angeles September 30, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 8 Cigar Sampler #2
"Great cigar for the price"
I ordered this and it came well packed. Loved it.. great smoke for the price.
C Tann in New Jersey September 29, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"You get what you pay for"
I saw the price of these sticks and said," Hey for 25 bucks altogether for 12 cigars...good deal right." Well I was abit let down. I am fond of the Patel lines. I really enjoy the mellow smoke of most of his cigars. However these were so bold in the first 1/3 that I could not even try to blow the smoke through my nose.(which is a must for me). They were ok about 1/2 way though, but quickly turned bland. I had trouble keeping an even burn on the next generation and the vudu kept goin out in the last 1/3. I guess you get what you pay for. I'll stick to the 92' vintage line.
Greg T in North Carolina September 28, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"I found these to be a great bonus, loved all of th"
I am a fan these were great cigars to my surprise, they are a stronger cigar than I was used to smoking now I enjoy one a day nice full flavor smokes.....I would recommend them to anyone....
Dennis R Baker in Florida September 27, 2011
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