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Rocky Patel Reviews

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RP Amilcar Perez Castro 8 Cigar Sampler #2
"awesome cigars for the money"
Have great deals like that and you will earn alot of my business.
Richie Smith in orlando September 27, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"5 out of 10"
I am a huge fan of RP, but these were mildly enjoyable. I was looking for less expensive daily smokes. I will be looking elsewhere
Scott in USA September 27, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"Rocky Patel"
These 3 rocky Patel came in the pack, and were very dry and the leaves were crumbling off.The construction is a 1. They wemnt straght into a humidor and no improvement. Completely unsatisfied. The rest of the pack was about an 8.
Hilda P in 3616 Eagle Rock Blvd September 24, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler #2
"A 'Newbie' Maduro discovery"
I would have passed over these individual cigars, in the group, without giving them a second thought. Why? One, the suggested retail price of $75 would be way out of my affordable price range. Two, as a newbie, I haven't developed the taste for Maduro's as of yet. I've tried in the past and just couldn't find something to enjoy. Until now! These were quite good. I've now graduated to the understanding of the word "peppery" which I discovered with the APC cigars in the group. For the beginning newbie I would recommend these as a starter in your search for a Maduro. You can't beat the price of $19.99 and enjoyed them alot.
Mike Y in Chicagoland area September 23, 2011
'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler # 3
"Nice mix"
Great cigars, the vudu is a must. I ended up buying a box. Next gen is a great cigar also. Each cigar was perfectly constructed, and burned amazingly. Great value.
Drew in Nola July 18, 2011
Rocky Patel Super 60's Sampler
"The Sampler"
Best sampler around. Try while you can!
wesley in austin, tx July 10, 2011
Famous Rocky Patel 20 Toro
"PLUGGED !!!!"
The Old World Reserves and the Sun Grown were ok but the Cruz Real and the Conuco were almost all plugged.. I wouldn't buy these again
Sil in New York April 21, 2011
Rocky Patel 10 Cigar 60's Sampler
The Sun Grown 60's were awesome. The others...a waste of time. I especially disliked the lite battallion.
John in Amelia Island March 24, 2011
RP Amilcar Perez Castro 12 Cigar Sampler
Excellent cigars, all of them. Before recieving this sampler I had not enjoyed full bodied cigars. I began with the Vudu's which are the mildest of the bunch. I moved into the others slowly and must admit the 1961 and Next Generation are still a bit much for me. After trying them a cople more times though I began to really appreciate the richness and complexity of these babies. I finished off the sampler with the Famous Signature Maduro Robusto. which I assumed would be the cheapest of the bunch. Man was I wrong. I am hooked on Rockey Patel now. I look forward to buying a box of the Vudu and Signature. Big fan of Amicalar Perez Castro's abilty to blend tobacco.
brandon siewert in chico ca March 8, 2011
Famous Rocky Patel 20 Robusto Sampler
"money wasted"
Rocky Patel should focus more on quality than quantity.I've smoked almost 40 different Patels and the only one worth its salt is the battalion.In short save your money.
marty in brewster,ny February 22, 2011
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