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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Reviews

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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
These cigars are terrible they burned up the side or up the center or not at all. I would never buy them again.
David W. in Nebraska December 26, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Torpedo
"Try Another Maduro"
Bought a box. Out of the 20 I had 4 good smokes. Tough draw - tough to keep lit! Tried plugging, notching and cutting nothing seemed to work.
Dennis in Fort Dix, NJ November 25, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Horrible !!!"
These cigars are horrible. After attempting to smoke 5 of them I can say they require 10-15 relights before throwing the remaining half of the cigar away. Terrible inconsistent draw and blah flavor. I rated the consistency 100% because they were all the same level of disappointment. I will call for a refund tomorrow, if no refund I will never purchase cigars from famous again and I have been purchasing cigars here for many years.
Ralph R October 22, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Very Disappointing"
So far I've tried 14 of these cigars and only 2 have stayed lit correctly to the end. All the others wouldn't stay lit or tunneled. I tried cutting, notching, and plugging all with the same results. Don't bother with this cigar!
Dennis in Fort Dix October 9, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
Not impressed with this one. Poor draw and would not stay lit.
Mark in Kingwood, TX September 9, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Not a good cigar"
Wow I am disappointed. Had the first of two cuban blend maduro in the sampler I got from Famoussmoke. There was only one flavor profile, bitter leaves and old cardboard. Stick had a tunneling problem down the whole length that could not be fixed as well as almost a two inch diagonal canoe burn that never stopped until I put the stick in the ashcan. I do not like writing bad reviews but this stick must be a trick played on Famous by some unscrupulous vendor. I am on a tight budget so I have tried a lot of cheap sticks but this one is worse that the fake hemmingway Classic I got from jr which held the record as the worst cigar I ever smoked up to now. I had the cuban blend in the natural wrapper and it was a decent smoke with a lot of good flavor and mild burn issues as well as the American market toro which was good as well. This maduro version is not a rocky patel in my opinion and I feel a bit sorry for famous smoke to be tricked in to offering this under their name as it seems most folks have a similar review as I do. Famous smoke has great prices and good service and a good reputation with me on my regular purchases. I hope all of the sticks are not as bad as the one I just smoked because I don t think rocky would approve of this stick if he knew.
Robert in St.louis Mo. September 8, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"First One SeemsNice"
I had my first Cuban Blend Rocky Patel out of the sampler I recently bought from Famous Smoke. I allowed the stick to rest in the humidor for about two weeks before trying to smoke it. Construction was firm and a bit on the tight side while still being easy enough to draw without too much effort. The wrapper had one small defect: small ripped hole half the size of a pencil eraser about a third of the way down, but the wrapper was good looking and well-rolled nonetheless. Pre-light was mild and similar to flavor when lit. Flavor is lightly sweet with a solid tobacco core that was smooth and consistent from start to finish with medium strength and light to medium body. Burn has been a bit uneven with four touch ups needed even with several puffs a minute but the cigar remained cool enough to retain the flavor down to the nub. The ash was firm and grayish with no flaking. My opinion: The Cuban Blend is a nice cigar in flavor if you enjoy this type of taste and overlook the slight burn issues. While not as pungent and flavorful as my vintage 1990s or 2003 Cameroon favorites, the consistent flavor was much better than many other sticks at a similar price point and I plan to leave my other stick from the sampler to rest longer which should help with the burn. While I will keep to my favorites when buying boxes I have enjoyed the stick being in the sampler and may buy again if the price is right. Time in the humidor will improve this stick and I would rate it better than some of the Cohiba Red Dots I have smoked for smoothness and overall quality of flavor.
Robert in St. Louis, MO September 7, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Last Rocky purchase!"
Could not keep these cigars lit. Jaw was sore trying to keep them going. I will not buy Rocky again as this is second bad batch in a row.
Makintops in Missouri August 1, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Last Rocky purchase!"
Could not keep these cigars lit. Jaw was sore trying to keep them going. I will not buy Rocky again as this is second bad batch in a row.
Makintops in Missouri August 1, 2014
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Not very happy with this one."
First full strength cigar, so I will not comment on the taste. The draw and burn, on the other hand, were terrible. Fill burned way faster than the wrapper. I usually smoke thru a punch hole, but even after I cut the end, it was difficult to draw. The remainder will sit in the humidor for a few months. Not Java quality.
Steve in PA May 9, 2014
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