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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Reviews

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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Sixty
"Not Too Great.."
I have burned four of these. None have burned well at all. The draw was pretty rough, one was so bad I had to throw it away. Not impressed.
Nicholas in Amarillo Texas October 8, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Double Corona
"would not stay lit"
I purchased a fiver and lit one out of the box. The entire time I smoked it I used half a lighter worth of butane to keep the wrapper lit. Wrapper would not stay lit buy filler did. Very frustrating and may not be worthy of the Rocky Patel name.
anthony in long island October 8, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Torpedo
"A Decent Rocky"
Bought a box of these on sale. I like Rocky's Olde World Reserve and most of the Edge series. This one is a full body, oaky cigar. Better than some of the Rocky's, worse than others. I had a couple with difficult draws, but most were fine. I will say they do get better after sitting in the humidor a few months.
Phil in Gainesville, GA October 7, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Petit Belicoso
"Try again. Try harder."
Harsh as a gas station cigarillo, could occasionally pick up a flavor, but it came and went so fast I couldn't tell you what it was. Cut small and work your way up. First was loose as a straw, second had to be recut twice. Plain tobacco, ashtray taste on the palate. Had to smoke an ACID afterward to overcome the taste. Rocky's name on them doesn't make them not cheap.
Jared in Hoosington, KS September 26, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Tough Smoke"
Nice tasting cigar but more than half the box was difficult to smoke,very tough draw. Had to toss more than a dozen because it's not enjoyable if I have to struggle to smoke them.
Rob Wilson in Colorado Springs September 4, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Torpedo
"Back in the Humidor"
I put the rest of these back in the humidor for a long rest. Taste compared to a cigarette or gas station cigarillo, draw was like sucking through an open straw (non-existent), and the burn was all over. The additional rest is in hope of not wasting ALL of the $ I spent.
JaredG in Hoisington, KS August 28, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Sixty
"Don't hesitate to pass these up!"
I ordered a box of Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Sixtys with Maduro wrappers. These are beautiful cigars to look at and they smell fantastic. Unfortunately for me, the good feeling was gone when I lit one. Over the course of 3 weeks I tried smoking 3 of them - the operative word is "tried" - and they were simply unsmokable. They burned down the center as if the wrappers were soaked (they were not) and they had a terrible draw. I was unable to smoke any of the 3 past half way. Quite a disappointment. I sent the remainder of my box back to Famous for a refund.
Judd in Illinois July 31, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Not good at all and not worth a 90+ rating"
A year ago , these were good cigars and maybe worth the current rating. The last two boxes I have ordered and currently smoking do not reflect what these cigars used to be as they now burn hot and tunnel. These cigars are living off the rating of what they were in past and not today. I will not buy anymore.
Monsoon in New Orleans July 30, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro
"Terrible. Disappointing smoke! Who rated this anyw"
I have been a Rocky Patel fan for many years, and was very surprised, not to mention extremely disappointed by these cigars. Agreed, they look wonderful, but once you take one in your hand you can immediately feel (and see) the poor construction. I agree with many of the reviews, the draw and burn are awful. Shame on you Mr. Patel!
Ric in Oakland, CA July 27, 2013
Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Test Flight
"don't waste your money on these"
Tried 3 out of 8 so far - and all 3 had problems, not burning right, wrapper falling out, etc. I do understand that it can happen sometimes, but three in the row is too much.
Yaroslav in PA July 27, 2013
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