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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Petit Belicoso Reviews [view details]

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"Very Impressed"
Was really impressed with the flavors of the Petite Belicoso. Normally not a fan of RP...but LOVED this stick. Very tasty!!
Mac in Newport News, Virginia February 10, 2012
"loved them!!!"
Great everyday smoke. Have had higher end that did not compare to these. Read a review that said Famous is pushing Patel cigars. Rocky's the man!! He has put great cigars on the market since Indian Tabac. Thanks to Famous.
james in windy city December 2, 2010
"Great every day smoke."
Bought a box, and have enjoyed everyone. I will order more.
Johnny in Flat Rock, NC August 28, 2009
"smoothest of the full bodied cigars"
These cigars are extremely smooth for a full flavored cigar. The taste is superb as well. My only complaint is that one or two out of a box have a difficult draw.
james in massachusetts July 27, 2008
"Excellent smoke!"
Construction was great. It was a nice, firm, but not overly firm stick. It looked flawless (in my noob eyes) and lit nicely. It was a smoke powerhouse for about 1 minute. Serious smoke coming off it. It settled down, with nice, consistent smoke after that. The draw was quite easy, and it seemed to be quite a mild smoke, concidering its advertised as a full strength. About 1 inch down it started to get a little stronger, but not by much. Perhaps after a few more months, it will pick up a little. It burnt as straight as you could want too.
Joel in Australia May 5, 2007
"Never Again"
I can't believe that these Rocky Patel's are made the same as their Toro cousins. The taste is OK, but only 4 of the entire box burned even. It was very annoying to pay $80 and have to fight every smoke. The free Toros that came with the purchase were great. Never again the mini-belicsos.
Carmel59 in Helen, GA July 28, 2006
"Outstanding smoke"
I'm smoking the second one from the box I ordered. Had to make sure it was as good as the first and it is. If you like a medium-strong smooth nutty smoke, this cigar will not disappoint you.
Boxtakilla in Broken Arrow, OK June 23, 2006
"Gotta try it"
Bit stronger and spicier than the Vintage series. Draws good, tight and a good pick if you like Rocky P. Good addition to the humidor.
Ray Gullett in Indiana June 20, 2006
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10 Taste (89) 100
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10 Construction (88) 100
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