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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Age helps"
With all Rocky's, I light one up as soon as I buy them. I have come to learn - especially with this cigar - that age helps. A dark cigar with some sharpness initially, got so much better with just 3 weeks in my humidor. Now, it tastes completely different. Lots of chocolate and coffee now with some very nice spice. I would recommend.
Paul in Houston November 8, 2010
"Ok, but not my favorite"
This was my first RP Cigar and it was ok but I was expecting a little better. The burn was good but not great and required some correction, the draw was nearly perfect, and the appearance was as good as much pricier cigars. The construction was good and out of all of the RP cigars this was the only one with a crack in the wrapper. The taste is where I was a little dissappointed. It was a very plain tobbacco taste and I enjoy Padron cigars a lot beacuse of the complex flavor and hints of coffee and cocoa bean which I was looking for here but missed.
Andrew in Knoxville July 26, 2010
"wide taste"
really good, broad flavor... strong, full, not bitter... perfect after steak dinner or pasta w/meatballs... will buy again...
ds in oregon July 2, 2010
"Does not"
I wouldn't consider myself an aficionado by any means, but I ordered a 5 pack of these expecting decent things based on the reviews here. In all honesty, this is one of my favorites. The draw was great from beginning to end. The construction in my eyes was fantastic. I was so impressed I ordered another 5 pack of the natural robustos and came to the same conclusion. The Cuban Blend's a winner in my book.
Danny B in West Linn, OR May 11, 2010
"One of my Favorites"
These came up on monster one night and i bought them on a whim. it ended up being a good thing because these have become one of my favorite cigars. they have alot of flavor to them. The burn sometimes needs a little touch to keep it even but other wise a great cigar
Eric M in Gettysburg March 12, 2010
"Good taste, bad construction"
I got a 5 cigar deal from monter. Let is rest for couple months in my humidor, good taste, good aroma, but had problem keeping them lit, all three sticks that i smoke so far, if a buy more will be toro size.
WinstonD in Houston,TX March 8, 2010
"very nice"
i like a nice dark and tasy cigar.this is a great smoke.actually turning into my favorite right shant be dissapointed.
dust in kansas city March 1, 2010
"very nice"
i like a nice dark and tasy cigar.this is a great smoke.actually turning into my favorite right shant be dissapointed.
dust in kansas city March 1, 2010
Recently, I went on a "cigar safari" to find my favorite, "go to" maduro. Among the candidates : CAO Maduro L'Anniveraire, Camacho Triple Maduro, Perdomo Lot 23, Onyx Reserve, Rocky Patel Honduran Classic, Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve, Rocky Patel Decade, and Oliva Serie G. All are very well rated, strong maduros....and not a single one was nearly as good as the Cuban Blend. It starts out with a little spice, but soon becomes velvety smooth with lots of flavor! A well constructed, heavy cigar with a good draw. I have already smoked through 3 boxes worth...and have yet to get a bad one. This is definitely my "go to" FAVORITE smoke! I almost hate to post this....I don't want them to become popular. They are very reasonably priced (About 3.25 a stick in the 5 pack), and smoke better than alot of the sticks that are far more expensive. I am hoping that once they catch on, they will stay the bargain that they are now.
Knuckler in Northern Virginia February 16, 2010
"Strong, good flavor, canoeing"
Good, rich flavor, with a spicy finish. The burn was not good though. Every one has burnt down one side, canoeing the whole way through. Bad rolling.
in November 12, 2009
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