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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Robusto Reviews [view details]

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"Love the Taste"
Though not always even in burn, this Patel offers a complex somewhat spicy full-bodied smoke. It goes well with a German lager or an Irish single malt.
Leigh in Central Illinois April 8, 2014
"Great taste and appearance, but poor burn."
If you can keep this cigar lit and stop it from sidewinding, the flavor and appearance are very good. Because of poor burn issues, I tossed the cigar at the halfway point.
Tom in MN February 17, 2014
"Grew on me"
My first ever Rocky Patel. Light draw with a medium, sweet and spicy taste. First 3rd, burn was uneven and taste got towards medium full. Half way through it needed a bit of correction, taste has a nice spice to it but still very smooth. Great outdoor cigar while enjoying a glass of wine. Not sure it will become one of my favourite but still very enjoyable.
Rodolfo D. in Melbourne, Australia October 16, 2013
"Don t bother..."
Thought I was getting a great value with the Rocky Patel name on it however...an inconsistent burn, constant canoeing and having to relight it often turned me off to these. I won t be purchasing again.
Joe in San Diego May 17, 2013
"I can't believe Rocky Patel put his name on these"
Very disappointed! I've had other Blends by Rocky and loved them, this one, TERRIBLE. Bought a 5 pack, the first one I lit up had burn problems, was hard to keep lit. It was a chore to smoke. The second one I only got half way through and pitched it. The other 3 went directly in the trash!
Ed in New Jersey April 2, 2013
"Can't believe it's a Rocky Patel"
got a 5 pack sampler thinking RP makes some of the best...these thing are not even close to what you would expect from RP. The burn was like a canoe..couldn't keep it lit once I got past the half way mark it had plenty of flavor..Why would RP discontinue the Autumn blend but make a piece of sh!$ like this
Jim in Saugus Ma October 22, 2012
"Uneven burn."
Constant canoeing, had to keep puffing to keep this cigar from going out. Good amount of creamy tasty smoke. Full flavor, but not for me.
Jim in G.S. South Carolina September 28, 2012
"Not impressed"
I was excited to try these guys out but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. Dont know if they needed to sit longer in humi, but the burn was horrible! Incredibly uneven, and half of the cigar didnt burn so much as shrivel and melt while the other half burned properly?? all things considered if those issues went away I would think this would be a nice stick. I will try again after they have set awhile...
Smittay in Modesto,Ca June 12, 2012
"Definitely a must-try Honduran!"
I never expected this stogie to taste that good! Right up-front, a Honduran peaty, peppery leather transitions to a peaty, peppery cocoa/chocolate. Retro-spice was pepper and clove(?) with a slight floral nuance. Pretty basic but the flavors combine to be one of the best Hondurans I've ever tried, definitely will buy more.
David S in San Antonio, TX June 1, 2012
"Ok but not very impressed"
Got a couple of these in a sampler. I let them rest in my humidor for several months. Both cigars burned poorly and neither had much of a flavor profile. Both cigars also left brown stains on my fingers. I will stick with RP's 1990s and Sungrowns.
Jason in SC May 28, 2012
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10 Burn (74) 100
Poor Burn Rating Excellent

10 Consistency (83) 100
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10 Draw (86) 100
Poor Draw Rating Excellent

10 Appearance (92) 100
Poor Appearance Rating Excellent

10 Taste (90) 100
Poor Taste Rating Excellent

10 Construction (82) 100
Poor Construction Rating Excellent

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