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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Very Happy!"
I tend to buy for a bargain smoke. I bought these on sale and was very happy with them at a great price.
David in Atlanta March 1, 2013
Talk about "looks being deceiving". Rocky makes some very good cigars without question, but this one and his Old World Reserve are losers! I feel qualified to comment after smoking 5 of these that had been in my humidor for over a month. Its beyond me how anyone could rate anything about this cigar over 50, aside from its appearance. The initial appearance is arousing and I was excited to get around to smoking one. The cigar is thick and heavy, leading you to believe that your in for a treat. Once you light it however, the horror begins. Its like trying to keep a wet log burning, literally. There is absolutely no draw! With both cheeks touching inside my mouth on every draw, I couldn't produce enough smoke to say I was actually "smoking" the thing. I tried a plug remover on two occasions. These cigars are so dense that I couldn't push the plug remover through it without destroying it. I had to constantly look to see if it in fact was still lit, constantly re-lighting. I dont think I got 1/3 through any of the five, before throwing them away out of sheer frustration. I can't even comment on the taste because I couldn't get past the other problems to consider the taste. If you smoke for the pleasure of smoking, even cheap cigars, stay away from this one! There's nothing pleasurable about it.
El Jefe in Warren, PA March 1, 2013
"The #1 Rocky"
I was always partial to VUDU, Patel olde world, and his other great cigars, but this one was the sweetest, fruitiest, and most enjoyable of all. I reccomend this stick to all my friends, and wont give them out, their too good to be shared....shhh! dont tell anyone that.
jimmy in logan utah November 19, 2012
"No so Rooky"
A little disappointing. I smoked the first 2 the first weekend the burn was awful. Without puffing every 10 seconds I had to relight it at least 5 times. I put the rest of them in my humidor for the next two months and smoked them slowly during that time and the burn improves but wrap tends to fall apart at the end. Best thing I can say about this cigar is the taste.
Steve D in St. Louis July 2, 2012
This is a terrible cigar, Hard draw, uneven burn, doesn't burn long enough to taste, tight construction makes a hard, if not impossible, draw. A true disappointment
in June 2, 2012
"Lost his touch"
A few years back everything that came out of Rocky's stable was superb. This smoke and a couple others lately are glorified Matacans.
ex-Rocky fan in Virginia May 25, 2012
"One of the best tasting..."
I thought that this was one of if not the best RP I have smoked. You have to watch the cigar and make sure to rotate to get an even burn but the taste is excellent.
Shane in Severn, MD January 21, 2012
"Rocky can and does do better, but not this cigar."
It is really hard to like a cigar that burns uneven and has to be can only bite the bullet so much.
Timothy L. in Fresno,Ca September 10, 2011
"Smoke it 'til you can't hold it anymore"
I have enjoyed several of these Cuban Blends. I have found that eventually I need to remove the band as the flavor just keeps on coming. I smoke them on my front patio while viewing the Sierra Nevadas and I get a consistent burn time of nearly 90 minutes per stick.As long as you keep an eye on the burn and rotate the cigar every no and then the burn is even.
RoqDawg in Coarsegold, CA June 23, 2011
"Good but not great"
Good smoke solid burner. A little harsh on the flavor other than that no complaints. Well worth the money for a box.
Zach S in Ventura CA March 22, 2011
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