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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro Reviews [view details]

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"Smoke it 'til you can't hold it anymore"
I have enjoyed several of these Cuban Blends. I have found that eventually I need to remove the band as the flavor just keeps on coming. I smoke them on my front patio while viewing the Sierra Nevadas and I get a consistent burn time of nearly 90 minutes per stick.As long as you keep an eye on the burn and rotate the cigar every no and then the burn is even.
RoqDawg in Coarsegold, CA June 23, 2011
"Good but not great"
Good smoke solid burner. A little harsh on the flavor other than that no complaints. Well worth the money for a box.
Zach S in Ventura CA March 22, 2011
"One of my Favorite Rocky's, period."
I bought a 5 pack of this great looking stick, almost knowing I would like it. I let it settle into my humidor for about a month the lit one up and boy was I right! It's got that signature Rocky flavor with a touch of spiciness. It starts out with leather notes... then on to hints of coffee with an almost subtle whiskey flavor at the end. I compare this to one of my favorite cigars, the Gurkha Master Select. Very similar in taste, certainly making this a regular.
Tom in New Mexico January 31, 2011
"Not thrilled about this one."
Was not thrilled with the taste of this one, been smoking Perdomo lately and wish I had stayed with that smoke.
Larry Proffer in Hixson TN January 10, 2011
"SOLID Smoke"
Just got a box yesterday. Immediately broke one out for a test. Good construction, great pre-burn smell, easy light, squirrelly burn. 1st third pretty good, 2nd third great; final act ok. BIG heavy smoke... which I like. Would recommend to anyone!
Joe in AZ November 23, 2010
"Excellent smoke for the price. Highly recommend."
Not as good as the 90 or 92 Rocky Patel series, however, excellent overall cigar. Burn could be a little slower. Taste very good right out of the box (no cigar shock at all after shipping). Would highly recommend these for the casual cigar smoker and for those that have a large number of smokers together at once. Try them: you will be very pleased.
Robert in Balad, IRAQ November 20, 2010
"love them. perfect cigar"
From the time you light it til the time your burning your finger tips great flavor and nice razor straight burn. Never had one that disappointed me. The RP Cuban Blend toros are fantastic. The RP Decades don't even compare.
Jail Guard Aficionado in Hazlet, N.J. November 3, 2010
"My first Rocky"
My first rocky and its a good one.Those people at rocky make a good cigar its spot on to call it cuban blend.Burn was clean and good draw lots of smoke nice buttery taste not much I can say bad maybe not as sweet as the cuban I had. could not put this one down smoked right to the end. I bought a 5 pack should have got a box and gave some to friends.
chris in florida September 19, 2010
"Very Good Cigar"
I got these in a bid and thought well they are made by Rocky Patel.When I lit on up was very empressed with the flavor. Very strong Honduran tobacco nice change from Nic. Had a lot of toasty and oaky with roasted nuts at the finish.Will get more for the humi.
David in Powder Springs July 21, 2010
"Not bad, couple cons however."
Pretty good cigar. I'm not a smoker of big cigars (I usually smoke Backwoods) but for an occasion they are always nice. Anyways, beautiful construction and appearance. Very pleasant aroma when you first open it up. Easy to light, and pretty constant burn. So I lit it up and it tasted great. Tasted great until about 3/4 of the way through. At that point it developed a somewhat bitter taste to it. It also had a kind of wobbly burn to it. Other than that, very good cigar. Would recommend to many.
Joe LD in EB December 13, 2009
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