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Rocky Patel Cuban Blend Toro Reviews [view details]

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"First One SeemsNice"
I had my first Cuban Blend Rocky Patel out of the sampler I recently bought from Famous Smoke. I allowed the stick to rest in the humidor for about two weeks before trying to smoke it. Construction was firm and a bit on the tight side while still being easy enough to draw without too much effort. The wrapper had one small defect: small ripped hole half the size of a pencil eraser about a third of the way down, but the wrapper was good looking and well-rolled nonetheless. Pre-light was mild and similar to flavor when lit. Flavor is lightly sweet with a solid tobacco core that was smooth and consistent from start to finish with medium strength and light to medium body. Burn has been a bit uneven with four touch ups needed even with several puffs a minute but the cigar remained cool enough to retain the flavor down to the nub. The ash was firm and grayish with no flaking. My opinion: The Cuban Blend is a nice cigar in flavor if you enjoy this type of taste and overlook the slight burn issues. While not as pungent and flavorful as my vintage 1990s or 2003 Cameroon favorites, the consistent flavor was much better than many other sticks at a similar price point and I plan to leave my other stick from the sampler to rest longer which should help with the burn. While I will keep to my favorites when buying boxes I have enjoyed the stick being in the sampler and may buy again if the price is right. Time in the humidor will improve this stick and I would rate it better than some of the Cohiba Red Dots I have smoked for smoothness and overall quality of flavor.
Robert in St. Louis, MO September 7, 2014
"very Good"
I put part of a box of these away about 13 years ago because I liked them then. They are even better now!
William in Green Spring October 13, 2013
"Tough Smoke"
Nice tasting cigar but more than half the box was difficult to smoke,very tough draw. Had to toss more than a dozen because it's not enjoyable if I have to struggle to smoke them.
Rob Wilson in Colorado Springs September 4, 2013
"...not bad..."
An interesting name - Cuban Blend - not really relfective of it's namesake, never-the-less, a very nice smoke - on the sweet side from start to about the middle and then it spices up. I enjoyed it to the nub - good draw all the way. The appearance was rustic - big veins, some construction mishaps - not as pretty as some of the other RP lines. All that said, I'll have another please...
Joe in Ottawa Canada July 18, 2011
"My "go to cigar""
I just can't enough good stuff about about the RP Cuban Blend Corojo. I smoke the petit belicosos, robustos and the toros. The are always consistently excellent. I usually watch the Cigar Monster and when one of the 3 go on sale I stock up. The box of toros I'm smoking now have been aged for over a year in my locker at the local humidor. They are excellent! To give you an idea of my tastes, I like Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic, 601 Red, Green and the Black, as well as RP Olde World Reserve Corojos. You have got to try these excellent, affordable cigars.
Steven Fowler in Atlanta September 23, 2010
"Smooth and spicy-an excellent cigar!"
The ad says full bodied. This cigar seemed more medium bodied to me. Very smooth with spicy flavors, no harsh aftertaste. Mellow. Much like a Romeo y Julieta 1875 to me. Very good cigar, well-made at a reasonable price. I would order these again.
Ryan A in Minneapolis, MN September 17, 2010
"Pleasant surprise!"
A nice rich tasting medium to full bodied stick. The burn was perfect from start to finish. Will by again!
Steve in Clearfield,PA. February 11, 2009
"I enjoyed it from pre-light to nub."
If the rest of these are as good as this one is so far, I'll be wishing I'd have picked up a box. Reminded me quite a bit of the Nording. Very good full tobacco taste with some mile spiciness and hints of a caramel like sweetness. Loads of smoke with a nice even burn leaving salt and pepper ash that held to nearly an inch. This smoke was so good I used my 6X2-1/2 inch wood screw to nub it! I see a box in my future, maybe a Monster deal? But wait at least a month, you guys got this months and next months cigar money already!
nozero in Arlington, TX November 8, 2008
"Another nice blend by RP"
Very attractive wrapper and very well packed. Notes of pepper up front but smoothed out right away. Lots of woody notes and very creamy. I really loved the thick volume of smoke, the draw was good and the burn was even right to the end. Smoked this after resting in my humidor for 3 weeks. No, not Cuban, but another nice job by Rocky
NA Johnson in NY September 10, 2007
"Nice, complex blend"
I've received these a few times in samplers--didn't like them at first. But then I got one that must have been in its prime--it was exquisite! I generally don't like Nicaraguan cigars, but these have just enough Nic. in the blend to add nicely to the complexity without overpowering the other flavors. I bought a box on the Monster deal, and have really been enjoying them. Like many RP's, they are full flavor, but not harsh.
Jerry in Connecticut September 7, 2007
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