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Rocky Patel Decade Robusto Reviews [view details]

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What a pleasant surprise. After receiving these I thought I made a mistake based on how veiny the wrapper was. I broke down after a couple of days in the humi and fired one up, NICE!!!! Minor burn issues and wrapper, but over all great taste and draw, never any harshness and got better towards the end. A definite buy
kelly in seattle August 5, 2010
Started out as very good smoke....very smooth, nice light pepper flavor with hints of cocoa on the finish....however i had some problems with uneven burning and it went out on me 3 different times.....wished it would have stayed consistant because i was really looking foward to trying out the "Decade"...well i bought 2 so i hope this second one might be a lil better.... despite this still a big Rocky Patel Fan....
Atom C in Raymondville TX April 5, 2010
"Nice cigar to relax with"
This cigar had a nice even burn. Smooth and easy draw. Great taste all the way to the end. I'd put it against any cigar I have smoked so far. Never unwrapped while smoking and it looked like a real man's cigar.
Jeff in North Port February 15, 2010
"Rocky at his best."
The R.P. Decade...what a pleasant surprise. It has become my favorite R.P. stick. Spicy sweet, peppery, coco, wood, just a brilliant marriage of flavors. The next time your in the mood for something new, this is it. You will not be disappointed. You will go back for more. Enjoy, later.
Vito B. in San Francisco, Ca. January 18, 2010
"Burn Issues"
This cigar came highly recommended by a RP rep. It had a great smell and I was looking forward to a good cigar. The flavor were good and it produced volumes of smoke. The cigar went out twice on me which was very disappointing and the burn was not even. I was not expecting these problems from a PR cigar.
RAH2 in Templeton, CA December 17, 2009
"Luxurious smoke"
Rocky's brother, Nish, favored me with a Decade Robusto at a local event. Box pressed cigars are usually not my favorite smokes, but the quality and flavor of this cigar (as with most all RPs) is primo. It produced a dense smoke with a hint of chocolate and a toasted nut finish, and just enough spiciness to keep it interesting. Draw was very good with an even burn and a nice long ash. A very deep, mellow, medium bodied cigar that was consistent from first to last draw. A pleasure to smoke.
Bob H. in Florence, AL December 3, 2009
"One of R. Patel's best"
Rich, creamy and full flavors. Excellent blend of tobaccos. I'd choose this over a Fuente Hemingway anytime.
Bob in Florence October 3, 2009
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10 Construction (89) 100
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