Rocky Patel Diplomat 5 Flame Black Lighter: Five Flame Black

Five Flame Black

$67.99 Retail Price: $ 75.00
Not Available
Chrome Lighter
Five Flame Chrome

$67.99 Retail Price: $ 75.00
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Black Chrome
Weighing in at 6-inches tall, this Rocky Patel black Diplomat table lighter boasts an Art Deco design, 5 torch flames, 3 cigar punches that slide out from the base, and it holds plenty of fuel. Not only is this lighter made to last, it'll look really cool in your smoking space. Order yours now.
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"No parts are available "
Nice lighter. When you get older angled "On" switches get to be a problem but in ...  more
Modris in Cape Coral, FL
"Rolls Royce of Lighters "
This lighter is a monster, and I mean that in the best way possible. When you c ...  more
Ethan Y in Dallas, TX
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