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Rocky Patel Evolution Reviews

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Rocky Patel Evolution Toro
"A Very Good Cigar"
I recieved this cigar in a sampler. I will say that it burns well. It has depth in how subtle its flavor is. Give it time and it will rally develop into a very good cigar. Its construction is superior to other brands that I have tried. I watched all but the final 20 minutes of All the President s Men while smoking this cigar. I will buy more in the future.
Matt in Bella Vista, Arkansas June 22, 2014
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Wouldn t Buy this One"
I was really disappointed with this cigar, the burn, the draw and the construction. It is worth a full refund or credit to my account. I don t complain much on line - but if I were you don t buy this one, there are better ones out there.
Mark Engle April 5, 2014
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
its too bad this cigar was so diffucult to draw.i tried this cigar 3 times from 3 different boxes and got the same result. its a let down,because the rest of the cigar was not so bad..the look and taste were decent..but you cant enjoy a cigar if your turning BLUE trying to puff on it....would never smoke this cigar again,,even if it was FREE.
tom in champlain,ny April 3, 2014
Rocky Patel Evolution Lonsdale
"Good price, needs time in the humidor"
Great smoke for the money. Fairly classic maduro taste. It will go out if you arent somewhat consistently puffing. It gets better in the humidor after a few weeks as the flavor evens out.
Chuck in Sanford, Fl March 16, 2014
Rocky Patel Evolution Robusto
"Will Order In The Future"
This Stick burned well. Had no problem keeping lit. Taste was smooth and construction is well made. Received this stick in the Rocky Patel sampler and will definitely put on my order list.
Dan in Indiana February 1, 2014
Rocky Patel Evolution Torpedo
"Won't buy this one again"
I bought two boxes because there was a special deal. First, the cigars were square-shaped, and not round. The burn was uneven and nearly 100% of them in both boxes burned - from first one out of the box to the last. Too much maintenance to enjoy. A handful also had extremely hard draw. I thought Rocky Patel was supposed to be a reputable brand with fairly high quality and standards. Major disappointment with this purchase - I probably will stay away from this brand from now.
Phillip K in Los Angeles, CA January 30, 2014
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Good one"
Bought a 5 pack and lit one the next day. The flavor was better than the RP Vintage 1990. I did not have any burn issues and it lasted an hour. Will buy again
AL in San Antonio January 24, 2014
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"Great Apperance and Draw"
Cut it then lit it! Great Burn and Nice Taste. Its a Rocky, and for the Price! I thank everyone that has underrated this one - That keeps the price down for the ones that enjoy a quick and inexpensive cigar.
Stogin in St Paul, MN November 19, 2013
Rocky Patel Evolution Toro
"Just Not Good"
Others wrote that it is a well-constructed cigar. That is true. But the draw is the thing. It has way too hard a draw to be a decent smoke. Cutting them in half and using the draw poker didn't help. Pass on these.
Jeff August 27, 2013
Evolution By Rocky Patel Robusto
"A Tunnel of Flavors"
Hay aroma, savory, almost buttered popcorn flavors, and TUNNEL TUNNEL TUNNEL. When it was lit, smoke output was great, but the wrapper never actually burned. Literally. It tunneled with every few draws and the wrapper was burned entirely by my touchups.
Jared in Htown Kansas August 23, 2013
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